Announcing Power-Up Podcasting

Today is the big day! I’m extremely happy to announce the first public launch of my brand new course, Power-Up Podcasting, a complete online training course with all of the information you need—not just to set up a high-quality podcast (without spending a ton on expensive equipment), but also how to launch and market your show so that it can be found by as many people as possible, even if you don’t yet have an audience.

I’ll also teach you how to integrate your new podcast into your life so that you can stick with it without getting overwhelmed.

Whether you have an existing podcast and want to scale, or you’re using this opportunity to launch a new one, it’s become my focus through this course to personally help you through each and every step of the way.


  1. You have something important to share that people need to hear.
  2. Podcasting is the #1 content platform that exists today.
  3. I know I can help you make it happen.

Power-Up Podcasting has already been “beta-tested” with over 160 students, and the success stories from existing students have me fired up to open up enrollment for the first time today. Here’s what some of those students are saying:

Testimonial from Dr. Barbara Cohen of the Harness Your ADHD Power podcast:

“. . . you showed us it’s doable, and I don’t believe that there’s anything that you can pay for that will give you the feeling that I’m experiencing doing my show. Nothing. There’s no amount of money, because this feeling comes from what I’m getting back. And I’ve only started. It’s not even quite eight weeks. It’s just truly amazing.”

Testimonial from Janet Sprissler of the Property Management Mayhem podcast:

Testimonial from Rob Stuart of the Disney Travel Secrets podcast:

We didn’t just buy a product from you. Anybody can do that. This is a partnership. You, we’ve talked before, your staff has talked to us before, I’m just blown away by the customer service and the love and everything. You guys say, “We want your podcast to succeed, how can we help you?” That’s what you don’t get from other companies.

Click here to Start Your Podcast!

There’s more information on the sales page, but let me give you a quick rundown of everything that’s included with Power-Up Podcasting:

Pre-Launch // Step 1 – You and Your Future Podcast

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to the Pre-Launch!
  • Lesson 02: Your Podcast Equipment
  • Lesson 03: How Podcasting Works
  • Lesson 04: Common Roadblocks and How to Stop Them
  • Lesson 05: What’s Your Show About?
  • Lesson 06: Your Show Details
  • Lesson 07: Podcast Artwork
  • Lesson 08: Let’s Recap Step 1 of the Pre-Launch Module

Pre-Launch // Step 2 – Planning Your Podcast Episodes

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Step 2! Excited Yet?
  • Lesson 02: Your Show’s Introduction
  • Lesson 03: Content (What do you talk about?)
  • Lesson 04: Guests and Interviews
  • Lesson 05: Calls to Action
  • Lesson 06: Recap of Step 2

Pre-Launch // Step 3 – Recording and Editing Your Show

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Step 3!
  • Lesson 02: Hooking Up Your Equipment
  • Lesson 03: Setting Up Recording Software
  • Lesson 04: Master Files and Organization
  • Lesson 05: Recording Tips
  • Lesson 06: Interviewing Tips (Part 1) – Before You Record
  • Lesson 07: Interviewing Tips (Part 2) – While You Record
  • Lesson 08: Putting Together Your Show
  • Lesson 09: Recap of Podcast Prep: Step 3

Pre-Launch // Step 4 – Preparing Your Audio File for the World

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Step 4!
  • Lesson 02: Export Your First Episode
  • Lesson 03: Run Your Audio Through Auphonic
  • Lesson 04: How to Tag Your Show
  • Lesson 05: Upload to Hosting Company
  • Lesson 06: Understanding Your Feed
  • Lesson 07: Setting Up Your iTunes Account
  • Lesson 08: Webpage Setup and Show Notes
  • Lesson 09: Transcriptions
  • Lesson 10: You Made it Through Step 4!

Pre-Launch // Step 5 – The Launch Plan

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Step 5 – the Final Step of Pre-Launch!
  • Lesson 02: How Rankings Work and Your Launch Plan
  • Lesson 03: Make It an Event!
  • Lesson 04: Congratulations! You’ve Completed the Podcast Pre-Launch Module!

Launch Week

  • Lesson 01: Welcome to Launch Week!
  • Lesson 02: Submitting Your Podcast to iTunes
  • Lesson 03: Remind Your Network and Audience the Show is Coming Soon
  • Lesson 04: What to Do After Getting iTunes Approval
  • Lesson 05: The Day Before You Go Live
  • Lesson 06: Happy Launch Day!
  • Lesson 07: Congratulations! Be Proud! Celebrate!

The Post-Launch Plan

  • Lesson 01: The Process for Publishing Future Episodes
  • Lesson 02: Stats and What They Mean
  • Lesson 03: New and Noteworthy + What’s Hot
  • Lesson 04: How to Stay Consistent
  • Lesson 05: What to Do From Here
  • Lesson 06: Course Recap

Plus, you’ll get two BONUS rounds of lessons on podcast monetization and growing your podcast audience!

In addition to lifetime access to the step-by-step course material (that will continue to stay updated over time) you also get lifetime access to the Power-Up Podcasting Student Center, a community of students and alumni, perfect for getting questions answered and holding each other accountable.

Many students have told me that the course material is brilliant, but it’s the community that really sets this thing apart.

And finally, you’ll also get access to live office hours with me where you can ask me anything you want. My business coaching rate is $2,000 per hour, so you’re getting a great deal with this offer alone—especially since I’ll be hosting eight of these office hour sessions for you during the entire month of August.

Again, my goal here is to help you get your message heard in the best possible way, and to do it fast, and to do it right. So if you’re ready, click the link below to get started with me now:

Click here to get Power-Up Podcasting today!

(enrollment period ends at midnight PT on July 24, 2017)

One final note on the “how to start a podcast” content:

I know there’s already a lot of great content out there that can help you start your podcast. Some of it you have to pay to get access to, and some of it is free. Some of it is stuff I even published myself.

But here’s the thing:

If you don’t already have a show up and running, there’s a reason why it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe you just haven’t found the time, or maybe you’re afraid, or maybe you’re just worried about putting something together that nobody will ever listen to.

I know how you feel, because I felt the exact same way when the thought of starting a podcast first entered my head. That was back in 2008. And when did my first episode come out?


I’ve been doing this podcasting thing for nearly eight years now, and I’ve learned a lot. I know what works. I know what doesn’t. I know how to quickly set up a quality podcast, and I know how to manage multiple shows on top of each other. I also know how to stand out from the crowd, and make sure a podcast show or episode doesn’t just get published, but also gets found too.

I also know how to teach and to take these complex concepts and make them easy to understand, implement, and automate as much as possible. That, and marketing, are my specialties.

If you know a podcast is what you need to do, before I can help, you must first make that decision to invest and help yourself. That’s what I didn’t do back in 2008, and that’s why I’m here to be your accessible guide through this process.

I believe in this product and what I can do for you so much that if you invest in this course—even if you do get a podcast up and running—if you’re not completely satisfied within 60 days I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

I invite you to enroll in Power-Up Podcasting today before the cart closes this coming Monday, July 24. I close the cart for digital products like this because I want to work closely with the new set of students as they go through the course together. It’ll help me better serve you throughout the entire process.

I look forward to welcoming you into this enrollment period and seeing your show up on iTunes very soon!

Click here to get started with Power-Up Podcasting today.

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