1. I have started to think about doing some research on different computers, myself. Mind you I haven’t started yet, but the thought has started. I have always liked Asus as well. I did not know they were a white label company for many years. Good to know. I have had HP for many years. Long ago they were great machines. I currently have a Samsung. It is okay but I would prefer something a little bit quicker. I will definitly bookmark your page here to come back and see what else you have posted, when the time comes.

    • Hi Marc – Yes, HP products were, at one time, extremely reliable products. As you know, it was started by Engineers who put a lot of thought into their products and built them for quality. Unfortunately, as you also know, HP products have declined in quality, and now, wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole!

      In fact, I still have an HP 4L Laser Printer – which I absolutely love. The damn thing just won’t die! It’s probably 20 years old by now… The unfortunate thing about that is, however, HP has “discovered” that they can charge astronomical prices for laser cartridge replacements. When it reached over $100 at Staples, I found a place online for all my ink toner needs. It’s called Ink Technologies – really cheap. …lol.. I suppose I should see if there’s an affiliate program – ha? lol… Anyway, Asus is my definite choice when the time comes. For now, I’m still driving my Sony.. Thank you for your visit and input!

      • Hello, I’d like to share on Asus Ac Adapter… I only kept this product for one day after renveiicg it. Although it charges my netbook, the charging pin (the metal part that goes into the netbook) is too long! Only slightly longer than the original part, and not as long as another product I recently bought on Amazon, but still, too long. It wiggles around when plugged in and inevitably will lead to either damaging the charging pin itself or the netbook that it’s plugged into. Thanks, @Charlie

        • I have a story behind my new Asus as well. I bought this new pc with many bells and whistles, and I was told that it would work with my HP monitor. Ok… I brought it home, and set it all up, turned it on, and… nothing! No picture, no feed… nothing. All my monitor said was “monitor going to sleep now.” Ok.. So, I call Asus, and they were absolutely no help at all. The rep gave up and said to take it back to Best Buy. Ok. So, I take it back… this person wasn’t in.. that person wasn’t in… I take it back for the fourth time, and one guy says… “Oh, you have bought the higher end machine. That means the regular VGA plug is disconnected, and you need an adapter to plug into the HDMI plug.” So, I made him set up my pc right there on the spot using my monitor which I also brought from home. With the adapter, now it all worked…. You would think the tech guy on the line with Asus themselves would have known THAT – and saved me all this time and aggravation going back and forth with Best Buy???!!! Or, even better, Asus SHOULD HAVE included the adapter or a new video cable with the correct end plug with my so called “high-end” pc!!! …Ok, I’ll end my rant. …Anyway, thanks for your visit! Keep on, keeping on!

    • Residual income is always the best way to go and I too would recommend anyone to seek out the sources. I totally love the Kiyosaki series and I have to say that the man changes lives with his insights and education. Because of him I am now teaching my young son to break out of the “I want good job” mentality. To Douglas, there are traditional brick and mortar companies that are scammers. Just because the internet is associated with it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not legit. I have earn commissions from a slew of companies, but you have to research. A big mistake that I see prospective home business owners making is that they blame the company just because they have not been taught to market. I had to learn this the hard way over ten years ago about this industry. If you can market, you can make the money in any economy. Not everything is a scam, though. There are actually many companies out there that wants to see you succeed.

      • Yes, I agree! But, I also want to add that we’re not taught about an emphasis on residual income – on purpose.. We were raised, and brainwashed, to believe that “getting a good job, working hard, and become financially secure” was the way to go when, all along, those that emphasized this mentality didn’t even follow it themselves! This is the basis for the Infinite Banking Concept as well. No-one ever taught you this stuff in school. We were led to believe that a debt based economy was the “only” way to “get ahead” by building “good credit.” …and always playing catch-up… That’s why I began this blog! I want to share this knowledge with as many people as I can to help them turn the tables on Big Banks, stop playing “catch-up,” and really “get ahead” by building real wealth!

        Thank you for your visit and your input! It’s much appreciated!

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