Bluevine Review

When operating a small business or even a side hustle, having a way to manage your finances is vital. You can’t have success if you aren’t sure where you stand financially. Bluevine offers a significant number of features aimed at helping businesses keep a close eye on their finances. Running your business should be yourContinue reading

National Funding Review

National Funding is a terrific lender for small businesses seeking quick, hassle-free financing. The private lender has been in business since 1999 and has disbursed more than $4.5 billion in capital to over 75,000 small businesses nationwide. National Funding offers multiple loan products, including working capital loans, small business loans, short-term business loans, and equipmentContinue reading

SmartBiz Review

SmartBiz is an AI-powered financing platform that has funded more than 230,000 entrepreneurs. With fast and flexible financing options, SmartBiz matches you with the perfect lender to receive the loan you need.  More than 60% of SmartBiz loans go towards women, minority, and veteran-owned businesses, as it aims to help any small business find reliableContinue reading

SBA Loan vs. Conventional Business Loan

SBA Loans provide a critical lifeline for small businesses that don’t qualify to receive funding from traditional lenders. These loans typically have manageable fees, longer repayment terms, and lower interest. However, conventional loans might still be the best choice for most small businesses.  SBA loans take a notoriously long time to fund, not to mentionContinue reading

Small Business Loans: Secured vs. Unsecured

Securing external funding is part and parcel of operating a small business. The two main options are secured or unsecured small business loans. While unsecured loans have advantages, secured loans are the better option for most people.  Secured loans are more accessible, offer higher borrowing limits with lower interest rates, and can be paid backContinue reading