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10 years ago today I walked into my boss’s office and got let go from my dream job. I felt like I’d been punched in the gut, but this was actually one of the best things that’s ever happened to me! Sometimes it takes letting go of whe…

Exciting News about Let Go (expanded edition) and a Video Contest!

I have some exciting news to share and a fun video contest for you to participate in! But first, as some of you may know, I wrote a book titled Let Go, which documented my experience in getting laid off from my architecture job in 2008, and eventually overcoming that adversity through a commitment to pursuing my own path.

After being let go from my job, over time, I also realized that had to let go of the obstacles keeping me from doing what I was meant to do. Letting go has been an integral part of my success as an online business owner. And I have a lot more to say about that. So, on August 22, 2017:

I am launching the updated and expanded edition of Let Go!

Expanded Edition of Let Go: What’s It All About?

The expanded edition of Let Go is an exploration of what it means—for me and for you—to let go of the things keeping us from achieving our goals. It’s about letting go of fear and the things that limit us on our path toward something greater. When you face obstacles and challenges along the way, it’s about letting go of the limiting beliefs that keep you from moving on.

Since writing the first edition of Let Go, I’ve learned so much, in both successes and failures. With the expanded edition, I wanted to find a way to continue my story, and to reach and serve more people with more substance and guidance on the act and art of letting go. I wanted to give you a vision of the future, from what’s possible to the challenges you’ll face as you build your business and create the life you want to live.

I’m really excited for you all to check it out! Check out the new design of Let Go, expanded edition below.

Note: It’s not the final design, but it’s nearly there!

Starting on August 21, you will be able to order your copy of the book on Amazon.

But hey! That’s not all. To celebrate the book launch, we’re hosting a contest to give you an opportunity to share your let go story. I shared my let go story. Now it’s your turn!

Let Go Story and Video Contest

Sharing Your Let Go Story:

If you have a story of letting go on your pursuit to something greater—in your personal life or your business life or both—you have a story to share. And I’d love to hear it! Letting go is about letting go of the obstacles you have faced and will face in your own journey.

To Enter the Let Go Story Video Contest:

  1. Record a video (no longer than 3 minutes) of you telling your let go story. Be open, honest, and don’t be afraid to get vulnerable (but please keep it appropriate)! Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo (make sure the video is set to public, not private).
  2. When your video is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, take that public link and post it in the comments of THIS BLOG POST.
  3. I will review all of the let go story submissions in the comments section of THIS BLOG POST between August 1, 2017 and August 24, 2017 and announce the winner on August 25. I’m looking for authenticity, creativity, and passion. Don’t feel like you need to make some huge impact in online business or anything. This is your story, and that’s important to me. Share with gusto!

My Favorite Let Go Video Submission Will Win:

On August 25, I will announce the winner of contest live on Facebook (, and on Twitter (@PatFlynn). My favorite video submission will win:

A paid trip to San Diego to spend the day with me!

You may be wondering what a day with me would look like. Well, let me give you an idea. We could spend the day doing just about anything, but here are a few fun options:

  • A visit to my favorite taco shop!
  • Time to chat about business, life, and anything else you want to chat about!
  • A tour of my new video recording studio, and we’ll even go live together if you’re up for it!
  • Dinner at my local favorite restaurant!
  • And more!

Sound fun? I hope so! I hope you can enter the Let Go Story Video Contest, and I can’t wait to watch all of your amazing videos!

Again, be sure to order your copy of Let Go, expanded edition starting on August 21. And join the Let Go Story Video Contest by posting your video in the comments of THIS BLOG POST below!

Happy letting go!