GoodHire Review

GoodHire is a flexible employment and criminal background check company best suited for small businesses. With more than 100 background check and screening services and leading technology integrations, GoodHire can help you create a trustworthy workplace.  It provides employers with a simple solution to undertaking quick and effective background checks, which results in a fasterContinue reading

HireRight Review

Hiring a bad apple can cause all kinds of problems for any company. That’s why employers use sites like HireRight to vet candidates before hiring them. If you’re the hiring manager for a medical practice, for example, a HireRight criminal background check can help you weed out candidates who could pose a risk to yourContinue reading

How To Prevent Burnout in the Workplace in 7 Simple Steps

Ongoing work-related stress often leads to burnout, affecting productivity, motivation, and even physical and mental health. Although some occupations are more susceptible than others, workplace burnout can happen to anyone. In fact, Deloitte research found that 77% of people have experienced work-related burnout. Preventing employee burnout starts with a solid strategy and a management teamContinue reading

Performance Management Best Practices Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Performance management is a term usually used to refer to the process of making sure that employees, activities, and/or outputs in an organization meet their goals.  It involves things like evaluating employee performance and targets, as well as supporting employee growth and improving employee experience. Good performance management should focus on both company goals andContinue reading