Best Electronic Signature Software

Signing documents with a pen has become obsolete. It’s not practical for business or personal use in the modern era. Getting a physical signature on documents requires in-person appointments, printing, scanning, faxing, or mailing paperwork. All of this is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and even unrealistic in certain scenarios. Electronic signature software allows multiple people in differentContinue reading

Best Data Analysis Software

The best data analytics software allows your business to dive deep into the metrics, numbers, and issues that matter most. At its heart, data analysis software shows you relationships between numbers and existing notions. By knowing how the numbers relate to one another, you can improve them—and your business as a result. Analysis isn’t asContinue reading

Best Performance Management Software

Performance management software is used to evaluate employees and ensure that they’re meeting job requirements. These tools make it easy for managers and organizations to create clear job descriptions, recruit the right personnel, and train their staff properly. Historically, managers would rate employee performance during an annual or quarterly review. This typically involved a face-to-faceContinue reading

Best Billing and Invoicing Software

Collecting payments from clients and customers can be challenging. Without an effective invoicing system, it can create serious cash flow problems for your business. Mailing out paper invoices and collecting checks through the mail is an outdated method that’s inconvenient for your customers. Plus, it’s tough to manage your receivables and follow-ups this way. ForContinue reading

Best (MDM) Mobile Device Management Software

In terms of security and compliance, mobile device management (MDM) has quickly become a top priority for businesses. With the rise of BYOD (bring your own device) in the workplace, smartphones pose a threat to the security of various organizations. Employees are using phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to access work-related business apps. ButContinue reading

Best Merchant Services

Merchant service providers give businesses the ability to process credit card payments. Depending on the entity authorized to provide merchant services, these organizations are also referred to as merchant account providers, acquiring banks, acquirers, credit card processors—or just processors, for short. Merchant services come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be independent serviceContinue reading

Best Digital Asset Management Software

Digital asset management (DAM) software is a single source for organizing, sharing, tracking, and distributing all of a company’s digital assets. A digital asset can be defined as any document, image, video, audio file, visual, animation, or any other piece of media content. This software is commonly used to manage marketing materials and different typesContinue reading

The Best Property Management Software

Property management software is the modern way to run a real estate business. It automates crucial tasks related to leasing functions, tenant management, facility management, and accounting. Certain software can even streamline communications between landlords and tenants. Without property management software, managing properties requires much more manual effort and even in-person responsibilities. Compare The BestContinue reading

The Best Business Intelligence Software

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best business intelligence software for most people is definitely Tableau or Zoho Analytics. The rise of big data has caused BI software to gain popularity in recent years. Business intelligence software collects, analyzes, and transforms data into valuable business insights. Companies use BI software to make informedContinue reading

The Best ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps large organizations manage their entire operation within a single system. With features like CRM, human resources, accounting, supply chain management, and more, a good ERP software is crucial to for everyday processes. But today, with the deployment of cloud-based software and SaaS, ERP solutions can be used by businessesContinue reading