eFax vs. MyFax

Even though faxing seems like an outdated technology, it’s still widely used in a variety of industries, including healthcare and finance. Thanks to its ability to securely send and receive sensitive documents, faxing is still a vital part of many business operations. But if you thought people no longer used fax machines, you’re right. ThanksContinue reading

eFax vs. HelloFax

Many people believe that faxing is an outdated technology, and they’re right–to an extent. The use of traditional fax machines and paper documents is on the decline, but it isn’t leaving without a replacement. There are plenty of reasons to use digital faxing, including fewer costs and an easier way to send documents. When itContinue reading

Compare the Best Streaming Software

Our recommendation for the best streaming software is OneStream because it offers multistreaming and both live and pre-recorded streaming at an affordable price. Get started for free today. With live video skyrocketing in popularity, content creators are always looking for new ways to stream content, scale their audiences, and generate more revenue. But going liveContinue reading

Virtual Meetings Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Host productive and engaging virtual meetings with GoTo Meeting, a video conferencing software that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure while offering crystal-clear audio, superior uptime, and enterprise-grade security. Try GoTo Meeting risk-free with a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.  Most myths about remote work have been dispelled after over two yearsContinue reading

Hunter.io Review

Hunter helps people connect with business professionals through its email finder and email verification tool. It’s a great option for lead generation, as sales reps can use it to quickly find contact information for decision-makers. Hunter’s email verifier helps ensure email lists are accurate and active, so you get fewer bounces and higher deliverability rates. Continue reading

Video Breakout Room Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Most video conferencing platforms can handle large meetings and online events with hundreds of participants. However, just because you can get hundreds of people to a virtual event doesn’t mean you’ll accomplish the meeting’s objective. You need to consider making sure everyone gets heard, engaging attendees who are reluctant to participate and preventing scope creepContinue reading

How to Set Up a Virtual Phone System in 5 Simple Steps

After reviewing the top options in the market, we found Nextiva to be the best cloud-based phone system because of its superior UCaaS offerings and high call volume management capacity. Get started with Nextiva today. Virtual phone systems have revolutionized traditional phone communication. What was originally rigid and expensive has become convenient and cost-effective. IfContinue reading

Call Routing Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Nextiva delivers advanced call routing services for small businesses, helping customers’ calls reach the right person faster. New Nextiva customers can receive a 30% discount on call routing and other services. Inbound calling customers need to connect with the proper person in your business as quickly as possible to keep them engaged and satisfied. TheContinue reading

HelloFax Review

Faxing seems outdated to most people, but many businesses still rely on online faxing even today. Online fax services help receive and send crucial communications from anywhere, allowing users to retrieve old faxes with a simple search.  HelloFax provides an easy, reliable, and seamless online faxing experience. It is an ideal solution for small businessesContinue reading