Best Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet managers oversee everything from vehicle maintenance to fuel management. While this task is doable for one person to manage early on, a fleet that’s constantly growing becomes almost impossible to do it by hand. Fleet maintenance software simplifies several tasks, including vehicle inspections, warranty capture, and expense reporting. To help you determine which softwareContinue reading

Best HVAC Software

The biggest problem for technicians in the HVAC industry is using out-of-date practices such as paper-based work orders, relying on handwritten quotes, and only offering one point of contact for customers. These outdated practices take way too much time, often lead to inaccuracies, and stopped being cost-effective decades ago.  HVAC software is the ultimate solutionContinue reading

Best Business Messaging Apps

Efficient communication within your business is always a challenge, and when your business includes remote workers, that communication becomes even more important. Business messaging apps help you and your staff keep communication flowing without being cumbersome or distracting during the workday. But business messaging apps differ in their performance and capabilities. We’ve reviewed the bestContinue reading

Webgility Review

Webgility is an ecommerce accounting software that helps businesses provide an optimal shopping experience to customers.  It automates their accounting, inventory, and product shipping, regardless of whether they work independently or use the services of accounting experts. Webgility Is one of the very few powerful, user-friendly, and flexible platforms that can automatically sync all relevantContinue reading

Kickidler Review

Kickidler is a cross-platform employee monitoring solution for small, large, and remote businesses alike. With powerful tools like online monitoring, time tracking, and automatic notifications, you can seamlessly automate information security and increase business efficiency with ease.  What makes Kickidler so significant to the industry is its features. It offers multiple view monitoring systems, compressedContinue reading

Mentionlytics Review

Mentionlytics is an intuitive social media monitoring tool that lets you keep track of brand and product mentions across web and social media sources—even when you aren’t tagged. It’s the go-to solution for agencies, individuals, and businesses, regardless of their size, wanting to listen, analyze, and report every social mention about their brand and/or competitors.Continue reading

JumpStory Review

JumpStory is a visual platform that provides access to millions of images, videos, and illustrations.  Users receive unlimited access to quality photos, specifically high-performing and authentic images, instead of the more noticeable stock images found elsewhere.  The platform includes a powerful and exclusive AI search tool that scans pages and finds the relevant pictures automaticallyContinue reading

VoiceSage Review

VoiceSage is a cloud communication platform offering a variety of different ways for businesses to communicate. The Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) solution helps contact centers with inbound calls, with additional capabilities including text-to-speech, voice recording, and transcriptions. The VoiceSage Console itself features practical messaging tools for both SMS and email and comes with a drag-and-dropContinue reading

Socialman Review

Socialman is an affordable giveaway app that helps you grow your brand through giveaways.  It’s versatile enough to help you run giveaways on all the major platforms, but affordable enough that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Socialman thrives on simplicity. Though it isn’t as robust as other giveaway apps out there,Continue reading

Wotnot Review

Launched in 2018, WotNot is a relatively new no-code chatbot platform that’s taking the industry by storm. Trusted by over 3,000 brands, WotNot helps you build a visual pipeline of qualified leads, drive more revenue to your business, and retain long-term customers without increasing headcount or cost.  WotNot will help you transform your customer supportContinue reading

Brax Review

Brax is designed for performance-focused businesses and agencies who want to create, manage, and scale their native ads from one centralized dashboard.  It unifies paid content distribution across platforms such as Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent,, and more, with bulk ad creation, unified reporting, and custom optimization rules.  Brax can also help you to maximize yourContinue reading

AgoraPulse Review

For brands with a social media presence, there’s nothing better than having a one-stop shop for all things social media. Agorapulse provides that experience, allowing individuals, businesses, agencies, and social media managers an organized interface for scheduling, posting, and engaging on social media.  Although Agorapulse isn’t the most affordable option or the user-friendliest to setContinue reading

BotsCrew Review

BotsCrew is one of the best chatbot development companies out there.  In fact, it’s already a reliable chatbot developer for innovative, customer-centric companies such as Virgin, Samsung Next, and MARS. What sets BotsCrew apart from its competitors is its in-depth collaborative approach to chatbot development.  Unlike other chatbot providers, BotsCrew is extremely customizable. BotsCrew worksContinue reading