Call Routing Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Nextiva delivers advanced call routing services for small businesses, helping customers’ calls reach the right person faster. New Nextiva customers can receive a 30% discount on call routing and other services. Inbound calling customers need to connect with the proper person in your business as quickly as possible to keep them engaged and satisfied. TheContinue reading

HelloFax Review

Faxing seems outdated to most people, but many businesses still rely on online faxing even today. Online fax services help receive and send crucial communications from anywhere, allowing users to retrieve old faxes with a simple search.  HelloFax provides an easy, reliable, and seamless online faxing experience. It is an ideal solution for small businessesContinue reading

TextMarks Review

Although email marketing is thriving, SMS marketing has swiftly become just about as popular. TextMarks provides a simple way to send out mass text messages to generate leads, share information, or offer promotions to customers. TextMarks assists various industries with its easy-to-use mass text marketing tool, including nonprofits, education, and healthcare. Depending on your plan,Continue reading

EZ Texting Review

EZ Texting is a business text messaging service for many industries, from construction and home services to government and real estate. With its marketing, customer service, and HR solutions, you can use EZ Texting to increase workflow across every area of your business and ensure a high ROI.  EZ Texting also has extensive text messagingContinue reading

SRFax Review

It’s a common notion that faxing has become obsolete. However, many businesses still rely on online faxing even today, in part because faxing takes care of some very specific aspects of business management. Online fax services facilitate receiving and sending crucial faxes from anywhere and can help retrieve old faxes with just a simple search. Continue reading

Interactive Voice Response Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Through our research, we selected Nextiva as the best business phone service for most companies in the area of interactive voice response. Nextiva offers savings of up to 30% for new customers. When you want to serve your customers more efficiently through your call center, using interactive voice response (IVR) technology is a proven option.Continue reading

Call Center Quality Assurance Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

For the most versatile call center software that helps with generating call center response statistics, Nextiva is the best overall choice. Nextiva offers savings of up to 30% for new customers. When you want to improve the customer service results for your call center, it’s important to start with a quality assurance (QA) program. WithContinue reading