The Complete Guide to Project Management Institute

The project management field has evolved over the years. New technology, project management methodologies, frameworks, and project management software have changed the way PMs oversee projects throughout different industries. One thing that has remained constant is the Project Management Institute (PMI). For over 50 years, this organization has become the go-to resource for project managementContinue reading

How to Integrate Project Management Into Slack

Slack has quickly become one of the most popular business communication platforms on the planet. Trusted by 750,000+ companies across every industry, this live chat, voice, and video conferencing tool is a fast and simple way for teams to communicate. In fact, the company unintentionally turned into a verb. It’s not uncommon for people aroundContinue reading

The Complete Guide to Google Voice Conference Calling

You can use Google Voice for conference calls. It’s a very straightforward solution, though there are some important limitations to be aware of. In this guide, I’ll cover how to get set up Google Voice conference calling, how much it costs, popular alternatives, and more. Top Rated Conference Call Services to Make Reliable Conference CallsContinue reading

Nextiva Vs. RingCentral

Both Nextiva and RingCentral offer VoIP services designed for businesses of varying sizes. In addition to phone, services include messaging and video capabilities. While a VoIP service offers many benefits to businesses, it’s important to choose the right service for your business needs. Nextiva and RingCentral are designed to help make business communications easier andContinue reading

The Complete Guide to Conference Calling on Android

Conference calls are a staple for any team, more so for remote workforces. It’s quick, convenient, and much more cost-effective than in-person meetings. You can use an Android device to make conference calls, though there are some limitations. You can download a reliable conference call service to host larger calls, video conferences, webinars, and more.Continue reading

The Complete Guide to Project Management Jobs – 2021

Companies across every industry have recognized the importance of effective project management. From IT to healthcare, construction, marketing, and more, a project’s success starts with a project manager. According to the Project Management Institute, project management jobs are expected to grow by 33% through 2027, creating 22 million new jobs. With the demand for qualifiedContinue reading

The Complete Guide to Project Management Resumes – 2021

Creating a resume can be a pain. How can you possibly highlight your entire career and all your skills, experience, qualifications, credentials, and potential on a sheet or two of paper? According to Glassdoor, the average hiring manager or recruiter spends just six seconds reviewing a resume. That’s right—six seconds! That’s why learning how toContinue reading

Dialpad Meetings Review

Dialpad Meetings is an easy-to-use conference call service. With robust call recording tools and a host of great features, it’s one of the best free conference call services. There are a few areas where competitors surpass it, such as the call audio quality, but it’s still better overall than most other conference calling services. DialpadContinue reading