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EZ Texting is a business text messaging service for many industries, from construction and home services to government and real estate. With its marketing, customer service, and HR solutions, you can use EZ Texting to increase workflow across every area of your business and ensure a high ROI. 

EZ Texting also has extensive text messaging tools, templates, and contact management, so you can segment your contacts and make automation a breeze. 

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EZ Texting Compared

EZ Texting did not make our top list of the best business text messaging services, though it is still a solid option. SimpleTexting is the most versatile on the list, as it can be used for sales, marketing, mass messaging, and one-on-one texting. Try it free for 14 days

  • SimpleTexting – Best texting service for marketing and sales
  • Textedly – Best for bulk texting
  • OpenPhone – Best for unlimited calling and texting
  • Podium – Best for text-to-pay
  • Sendinblue – Best for texting combined with email services

About EZ Texting

EZ Texting offers comprehensive solutions for business text messaging services in various industries. EZ Texting’s features make it easier to manage contacts and drive engagement. 

EZ Texting’s comprehensive suite of products includes text messaging, contact management, templates and design tools, analytics and reporting, text campaigns, and list growth tools. 

EZ Texting Health and Stability

EZ Texting was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in California as a privately traded company. EZ Texting has five investors, with one lead investor being CIBC Innovation Banking, which has raised $51 million across four funding rounds.  

As of 2022, EZ Texting employs 100-250 people across the United States. With a 3-star rating on Glassdoor, it seems that EZ Texting has been a consistently good place to work, with excellent leadership in every location. 

EZ Texting Pricing

EZ Texting currently offers four different pricing tiers for its text messaging services. Each tier increases in price depending on the number of users, keywords, and textable numbers you want. 

EZ Texting Pricing Structure

EZ Texting has a simple pricing structure across its services, with a per month per message credits foundation. Because EZ Texting is primarily a business messaging service, you will have to pay more for additional message credits. 

EZ Texting Pricing Comparison

EZ Texting’s pricing packages are decently priced, starting at $20 per month for 200 message credits and increasing depending on the number of credits, users, keywords, and textable numbers you need. For 200 credits across the board, you can get EZ Texting for $20, $29, $49, or $299 per month, with additional functionalities as the pricing increases. With EZ Texting’s $299 tier, you get a custom and an unlimited number of keywords and managed accounts. 

Compared to other business text messaging services, Ez Texting offers you less functionality for a higher price. For example, SimpleTexting starts at $29 per month for 500 credits, giving you an extra 300 credits for $9. On the other hand, OpenPhone services start at a low $13 per user per month, with unlimited calling and messaging capabilities. 

And you can even find lower pricing with Sendinblue’s free plan, which comes with unlimited contacts, 300 emails per day, and SMS campaigns. 

EZ Texting Trials and Guarantees

EZ Texting offers a free trial for its Essentials plan, which starts at $29 per month, with no credit card required. Every EZ Texting user is also guaranteed free two-way texting on all plans

EZ Texting Best Business Text Messaging Services Review

EZ Texting stands out because of the number of areas it covers as a text messaging service. You could benefit from EZ Texting if you are looking for bulk texting features that increase automation and make it easier to communicate via SMS. 

What Makes EZ Texting Business Text Messaging Services Great

EZ Texting interface and a list of features
EZ Texting makes it easier to drive engagement and increase your email open rates.
  • Text messaging tools: EZ Texting offers a powerful suite of messaging tools that can completely transform your business communication. Not only do you get access to the usual SMS and MMS picture texts, but EZ Texting takes it a step further with group texting, two-way texting, safeSTOP opt-out, and text forwarding. With these features, you can create communication lines with business teams, receive inbound messages, text one-on-one in one inbox, eliminate compliance risk, and easily forward texts for the ultimate convenience. 
  • Extensive text campaigns: Creating a successful text campaign is a simple way to engage with your audience, and with EZ Texting, it has never been easier. EZ Texting allows you to determine which campaign strategy is right for your business through several options, including text automation, text scheduling, reminder campaigns, recurring texts, and drip campaigns. Whether you need to promote a product or service, send periodic reminders, or send general information requests, EZ Texting can help you easily nurture those leads.  
  • Contact management: With EZ Texting, you can import, customize, and segment your contacts list for easy customization and personalization. EZ Texting utilizes a CSV template to make it simple for you to upload contacts quickly, and with thousands of free integrations, you can also sync your contacts from popular apps instead. Not only can you import contacts, but you can manage them too, with EZ Texting’s unlimited contacts and custom fields feature. With groups and segments, you can create targeted notifications and minimize opt-outs by reducing unnecessary contacts. 
  • Analytics and reporting: With text campaigning comes campaign monitoring, and what better way to monitor your campaigns than with EZ Texting’s intuitive analytics and reporting dashboard? With EZ Texting’s analytics and reporting feature, you can optimize SMS strategies, view contact-level activity, and track contact behavior through source data and web traffic. You also get access to a link shortener with tracking, so you can shorten text links and track them more efficiently to view how often visitors click on them.  
  • SMS solutions: EZ Texting offers some of the broadest SMS solutions on the market today for industries of all kinds. For example, EZ Texting has solutions for marketing and sales, customer service, and employee operations—making it easier for you to either promote sales and drive traffic, confirm orders and deliveries, or recruit new hires and streamline onboarding. In fact, EZ Texting covers more than 20 different industries, so you can find a solution that suits your business needs. 

Where EZ Texting Business Text Messaging Services Falls Short

EZ Texting free mobile app features, including review delivery reports, simplify B2C conversations, and add contacts from anywhere
EZ Texting offers a free mobile app for more convenient business messaging.
  • Poor customer service: The bulk of EZ Texting’s poor user reviews involved its customer service team. Many reviewers claimed that the email and live chat representatives took a long time to respond to queries—if they responded at all.  
  • Pricing structure: Many reviewers felt that EZ Texting’s pricing structure was too expensive and complicated. Many small business owners, in particular, felt that EZ Texting’s pricing structure became too expensive for them as their message credits accumulated over time. 
  • Lackluster mobile app: While it’s excellent that EZ Texting offers a free mobile app, many users aren’t happy with its service. For example, a few reviewers have said that the app forces you to use up all your credits, meaning you will have to pay for more credits in the long run. Other reviewers experienced errors with the app, to the point where they could no longer receive texts or calls.

EZ Texting Business Text Messaging Services Compared

While EZ Texting provides extensive text campaigns, contact management solutions, and reporting tools, the best business text messaging service company is SimpleTexting because of its flexible marketing and sales features.

  • SimpleTexting – Best texting service for marketing and sales
  • Textedly – Best for bulk texting
  • OpenPhone – Best for unlimited calling and texting
  • Podium – Best for text-to-pay
  • Sendinblue – Best for texting combined with email services

Final Verdict

EZ Texting is a decent business text messaging service that offers a range of solutions for various industries. With extensive text messaging tools, campaign options, and reporting features, you can transform the way your business communicates both internally and externally. 

With more than 17 years in the industry and $50 million in funding, it’s safe to say that EZ Texting is a reliable company that aims to provide businesses with a seamless way to communicate via SMS. 

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