Google Meet Alternatives and Competitors

Our favorite Google Meet alternative is GoTo Meeting because it is secure, simple, and affordable. Check out the free demo for all GoTo Meeting services to make an informed decision.

Google Meet has become a popular video conferencing service in recent years. It offers various benefits, like video calls with as many as 100 participants. However, like any platform, Google Meet also has some drawbacks, which is why it didn’t make it to our top list. Fortunately, you can look into plenty of alternatives and choose the most appropriate service for your needs. 

The Quick Sprout research team invested many hours in carefully analyzing the several video conferencing services available in the market. Based on a specific criterion system, the team shortlisted the following eight services to be the best video conferencing services.  

The 8 Best Video Conferencing Services

The best Google Meet alternative is GoTo Meeting. It seamlessly integrates with the existing business tools and is ideal for small enterprises. Avail of a free demo to look at all GoTo Meeting features and make an informed decision.

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Brand logos for Quick Sprout's eight best video conferencing services.

GoTo Meeting – Best For Small Businesses

GoTo Meeting brand logo.

GoTo Meeting takes video conferencing to a new level by making it a collaborative workspace. It easily integrates with the systems and is ideal for remote workers. It offers impressive features like automatic bandwidth adjustments, single-click start, multi-channel support, integrated scheduling, cloud collaboration, and more.

The service provides a special kit to its clients containing software and hardware that can transform any conference room into a digital one. This kit’s hardware includes a microphone, speaker, and camera. 

It offers three pricing plans, Professional, Business, and Enterprise, and charges a reasonable fee for each. Each plan provides unlimited meetings, integration options, cloud storage, and more. 

How GoTo Meeting Compares to Google Meet

Screenshot of a video meeting on GoTo Meeting.
With a broad set of collaboration features and numerous easy integrations, GoTo Meeting is an excellent choice for small businesses not using Google Workspace.

GoTo Meeting is an excellent tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps you arrange webinars through its GoToWebinar with no limit on meeting times. Despite being more advanced than Google Meet, it is less efficient for new businesses with limited budgets, and Google Meet fulfills the needs of a new business much more efficiently. GoTo Meeting also doesn’t offer a free plan, unlike Google Meet. 

Google Meet is suitable for businesses that use Gmail and other Google products, while GoTo Meeting can be integrated with any software system or product. Therefore, GoTo Meeting is relatively easier to set up.

When it comes to pricing, Google Meet is cheaper than GoTo Meeting. Google Meet alone can be used for free, while GoTo Meeting charges between $14 and $19 for its various subscription plans.

Go through our detailed review of GoTo Meeting to decide if it’s the right option for you.

RingCentral — Best Service With VoIP Business Phone Plans

RingCentral brand logo.

RingCentral is another excellent choice for video conferencing. Its VoIP business phone services allow you to get rid of your traditional phone plan. The video conferencing service is an additional feature of RingCentral, but consumers can purchase the Meetings app as a standalone product. 

The RingCentral video conferencing platform offers various subscription plans and pricing options based on the user’s region. The Free plan allows you to attend and hold unlimited meetings and host up to 100 participants. It also helps store all recordings on the cloud for almost seven days. 

How RingCentral Compares to Google Meet

Screenshot of a video meeting on RingCentral.
RingCentral offers a complete suite of business communication tools with over 300 easy integrations.

RingCentral is an easy-to-use service ideal for all types of businesses. It allows several integration features and provides value for your money, just like Google Meet, and the latter also provides better customer service than RingCentral.

However, the plus feature of RingCentral is the freedom to delete a message sent by mistake. Google Meet doesn’t allow that. Moreover, Google Meet has limited features and is often deemed boring by users, whereas RingCentral keeps its users excited with its various unique features. An additional benefit of RingCentral is that it offers in-person and live training with video support.

When it comes to pricing, Google Meet can be used for free. However, RingCentral has both free and paid plan options. Its free program provides enough features that are ideal for video conferencing. Its paid program provides many useful additional features.

Read the in-depth analysis of RingCentral to make an informed decision.

ClickMeeting — Best For Webinars

ClickMeeting brand logo.

ClickMeeting is slightly different from other video conferencing services because it’s a webinar software platform. Webinars are excellent for holding online events, hosting virtual training, and marketing products with video demonstrations. 

Moreover, it also offers traditional video conferencing options for business collaboration and team meetings. ClickMeeting’s video conferencing tool is slightly more expensive than other brands; however, it is worth it if you use the webinar feature. It offers two pricing plans at different costs, and the cost mainly depends on the number of attendees. 

How ClickMeeting Compares to Google Meet

Screenshot of a video meeting on ClickMeeting.
ClickMeeting is ideal for online classes, team meetings, and business video conferences with up to 40 active participants.

ClickMeeting is user-friendly and offers several interactive features like question-and-answer sessions and much more. Its beautiful interface has always been its selling point because it can easily be navigated even by beginners.

However, Google Meet’s video quality is better than ClickMeeting’s. GoogleMeet also offers several customization options ClickMeeting doesn’t, as well as excellent customer service and functionality.

Regarding pricing, ClickMeeting offers a free trial and various pricing plans costing $25 to $40 a month, whereas Google Meet offers its video conference services for free. ClickMeeting also provides a custom plan with a custom quote based on the functionalities you avail. 

Read a detailed analysis of ClickMeeting on our website.

ZohoMeeting — Affordable Service With Basic Features

Zoho brand logo

ZohoMeeting is a straightforward video conferencing tool without any fancy or complicated features. Its top features include screen sharing, RSVP scheduling, moderator controls, in-session chat, lock meetings, and embedded meeting links. Users can remove other users, give over control, and switch a presenter.

ZohoMeeting easily integrates with Zoho CRM. Therefore, it is an ideal option for anyone using a Zoho product. It has no fancy features, but it is a quality solution for businesses that only require basic features or are already using Zoho products. 

It has no set pricing plans and charges based on the number of participants. It also offers a free forever plan with 100 meeting participants or webinar attendees and limited features.

How ZohoMeeting Compares to Google Meet

Screenshot of a video meeting on ZohoMeeting.
Zoho Meeting is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use video conferencing software on the market, offering top-notch collaboration features.

ZohoMeeting and Google Meet offer excellent customer service, robust functionality, and ease of use. However, ZohoMeeting is slightly better than Google Meet in some aspects. For example, ZohoMeeting provides its users with live training, but Google Meet doesn’t. 

Moreover, ZohoMeeting has a whole ecosystem of tools and software you can access. Additionally, adding or inviting more people to a meeting is extremely easy. 

Regarding pricing, ZohoMeeting offers a free forever plan for $0 a month. Its paid packages are incredibly affordable, ranging from $1 to $16 a month. Google Meet is also free of cost, but the functionalities offered by the free ZohoMeeting plan are on par with Google Meet. Therefore, choose the option most suitable for your business.

Go through a thorough review of ZohoMeeting here.

Microsoft Teams — Best For Internal Communication

Microsoft Teams brand logo.

Microsoft Teams is specifically designed for internal business communication. It is an instant texting service with video, audio, and chat capability. It supports meetings with 10 to 10,000 participants and is ideal for in-house communication.

Microsoft Teams offers superior video conferencing technology, but its setup, onboarding, process, and usage are slightly complicated compared to the other available options. It is an ideal video conferencing tool for companies that already use a Microsoft ecosystem. 

It has both a desktop and mobile version. However, the mobile app is challenging to navigate, making the desktop app easier to use. It offers five annual pricing options. All the paid plans have 1TB of storage, meeting recordings, app integrations, and more.

How Microsoft Teams Compares to Google Meet

Screenshot of a video meeting on Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams offers excellent collaboration features for large businesses to communicate internally.

Microsoft Teams and Google Meet seem similar, but they have stark differences. Both platforms provide excellent video conferencing services. However, Microsoft Teams offers other collaboration tools along with video tools. On the other hand, Google Meet is a stand-alone video tool and doesn’t offer any other collaborative tools. 

Overall, Google Meet is more suitable for individual users, while Microsoft Teams is more suited to businesses. While Google Meet works on a browser, Microsoft Teams requires users to download the app.

Microsoft Teams offers a free plan and paid plans costing as much as $12 a month. The maximum capacity of participants allowed by Google Meet is 500 and 1000 by Microsoft Teams, irrespective of your subscription plan.  

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Zoom — Best For Scalability

Zoom brand logo.

Zoom is an industry leader in the video conferencing space. It is the go-to video conference app for many big businesses like Uber, Pandora, GoDaddy, and Ticketmaster. It is a simple service and offers unique plans for all types and sizes of companies. 

Zoom is a secure platform that provides password protection, waiting rooms, and role-based security options. It offers excellent collaboration features for a team, like screen sharing and other interactive features. 

The company offers four pricing plans. Its Free plan is ideal for freelancers or small businesses that only utilize the video chat feature once in a while. Each paid plan offers excellent features, and customer service improves with each plan upgrade.

How Zoom Compares to Google Meet

Screenshot of Zoom's products meeting web page.
Zoom is an industry leader that not only offers great value to its paid users but also provides a ton of features on its free plans.

Zoom and Google Meet also share several features. Both services provide unlimited meeting times. They are also extremely secure and allow several unique integrations. However, there are slight differences between the two.

Zoom allows almost 1000 participant meetings compared with the 500 participants allowed by Google Meet. Moreover, Zoom is more accessible, modern, and easy to use on the phone. Therefore, it is ideal for people on the go.

In terms of pricing, Zoom is more expensive than Google Meet. Even though Zoom’s Free plan provides basic features that Google Meet offers, the Pro and Business plan cost $149 and $199, respectively.  

Carefully review Zoom’s detailed review to choose the best video conferencing service for your business needs. — Annual Contract Plans For Small Meetings brand logo. offers unique solutions to startups and big businesses. It is an excellent option for teams, businesses, or individuals. Easy to set up and use with one of the fastest signup processes, users can simply start a call using the website without even consulting a sales representative. is now a part of the GoTo Meeting ecosystem, but it has its own free version and offers its video conferencing services separately from It seems like a simpler video conferencing service with limited features compared to GoTo Meeting. 

If you are starting a new conference, you can invite people to join the meeting through a link or an email. It allows you to customize your URL, change your conferencing background, and share your screen with one click. People who aren’t even using can still join your meetings which is a great feature. is an exclusive video conferencing service. You have to sign up and install the application to get started. Therefore, little is known about the pricing options and plans offered by If you want to hold a meeting, you must have an account on Its customer support can assist you with the initial procedure. However, if you are an attendee, you can simply attend the meeting by putting in a specific nine-digit ID.

How Compares to Google Meet

Screenshot of a video meeting on
Now part of GoTo Meeting, is an easy-to-use video conferencing tool with an intuitive user interface and tons of useful features. is just as easy to use as Google Meet. It also provides excellent value for your money. However, in terms of customer service and functionality, Google Meet takes the lead. A benefit of is its easy screen-sharing options.

Another advantage of over Google Meet is that its video and audio quality are top-notch. Moreover, the many integration options offered by make it a more attractive option, specifically for individual users. 

One drawback of is its lack of transparency in pricing. The service provides custom quotes based on users’ needs. 

Give’s review a read and decide if it suits your needs.

Webex — Best For Cloud Collaboration

Webex brand logo.

Webex is another highly regarded video conferencing service. It allows you to host huge virtual events with as many as 100,000 participants. It also enables users to hold interactive webinars for almost 3000 people.

The platform is ideal for people who run on-demand training lessons and businesses wanting to onboard employees in multiple locations. Its mobile app makes it easier to host and join meetings from anywhere at any time. Its cloud collaboration features make it excellent for teams.

How Webex Compares to Google Meet

Screenshot of a video meeting on Webex.
Webex is a sophisticated, yet affordable solution for companies that host large-scale virtual events and webinars with as many as 100,000 participants.

Webex allows the highest number of participants among all the video conferencing services. It allows as many as 100,000 participants. Moreover, it offers video recording and advanced screen-sharing options. 

Overall, Webex offers far more sophisticated tools and features than Google Meet, which offers basic video conferencing tools and services. Even with a wide range of unique features, Webex charges a minimal fee for each subscription plan.

It offers four different pricing plans and is ideal for small teams wanting business-level features and tools. Its pricing plans range between $0 to $32 a month. Overall, it suits businesses requiring collaboration with teams in different locations. 

Read a Webex review before choosing it for your needs.

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