1. I received the unsolicited package in the mail to be an affiliate with KIds Characters and it seemed to be too good to be true but having run a VERY successful internet business where I could sell snow to Eskimos and gave honestly 50 percent of sales profits to my independent agents who gave me a successful lead, kid Characters sales letter had a certain stench to it. So, I did what everyone who is thinking of being an affiliate for any internet business was to read the complaint’s found online about them, check the BBB and all sources, I did that and not to my surprise completely agree with you that they are a scam family company and many of their family will in the future do some jail time. the quicker the better that they are shut down. I’ve done my part by notifying thousands via my FB page. I encourage all to make them the household world for a SCAM company. GET THE WORD OUT! Gene, expatworld.net


    Disneypermissions.force.com response to asking to use their intellectual property to sell, make, distribute, or promote with their property: go to Disneystore.com or zazzle.com

    Feel that? That’s fancy for “pleasantly bug off”.

    I too received a mailing and a phone call, I let my elderly Mom take the call and play with the salesman.

    Having worked for Disney Entertainment Inc. before. I know better than to ever ask to license their stuff to resale or make and sell as though it were new. You must submit your idea, mock-up, in great detail and I can say this, work on your own intellectual material because if it’s near theirs the answer is do something else. Go see for yourself! It’s a free education.

    ARDU|Disby ®️™️

    Kids Characters LLC “limited liability corporation / company”; I bet your taxes are a mess.

    You don’t become great by stealing someone else’s property. And, if you were given permission to work in any of their projects, you’ve be an employee with a signed agreement via NDA, HR and the Legal Department. Becoming an LLC is only by specific works made for hire sub-contracting which must be written to exclude exactly what role each contributor plays in the company. In CA the IRS must be notified and applied to for Charity Registration and then hand the business a special number to operate under.

    Please be careful about how you do business, and thoroughly check anyone offering you work via mail or telephone by joining a background tracker.

    Admiring Disney Entertainment Inc., is one thing, mugging them is another. Get your own ideas.

  3. Amy McIntyre

    They kept trying to sell me course after course. Not sure how much I lost but it was at least $1,000 maybe more. They kept promising checks, I mailed out hundreds of postcards and nothing. Screw them.

  4. Smart Marketers LLC


    What a sad story. How these thieves steal from people and get angered on being called out. Total scum bags!!

    You punks need to be in PRISON!!!

    Micheal, if you are still out there, I hope you at least got your $9,118.45 bucks back.

  5. Adrienne

    My elderly, disabled neighbor informed me that she received a letter from Kids Characters and decided to join their team after speaking to one of their so called representatives. She thought it would be good to make some extra money from home. I told her I would look into it for her. When I asked her if she’d given them any money, she told me, “No. Not yet.” Something just didn’t seem right to me after chatting with her so I followed my gut and started to dig further.

    After looking into Kids Characters, it was clear to me that they are a total SCAM. I immediately called my neighbor and that’s when she admitted she gave them her debit card information. I told her to call her bank and cancel her debit card immediately due to fraudulent charges. She did, and the next day I took her to the bank to submit a dispute for them. At that time, her bank informed her that her account was almost completely depleted because Kids Characters made several withdrawals totaling $7000 in less than two months. My neighbor was devastated.

    Kids Characters had recently mailed my neighbor a check for $101 and some change for 6 sales noted in the memo section. Wow. How nice of them after stealing $7000 from her. Needless to say, she did not and will not be cashing that check. It will be evidence when all of this is reported to the AG and FBI.

    These rotten scumbags are awful and prey on innocent, vulnerable people. Their time will come. Tick-tock.

  6. Amy M

    I, too am a victim of this scam. 2 years ago I spent thousands I didn’t have for a so called website, Google and Facebook. I mailed out postcards and kept hearing I had a check coming. NO CHECKS!!

  7. Ed Henderson

    These guys were in business a few years back under a different name. They sold kids clothes. My father signed up with them, (before I could warn him). I’ve been an affiliate marketer for over 15 years and have no problems getting traffic to a site. So, I ran a lot of traffic with my father’s affiliate code. They claimed there were no sales. The problem is they do not offer any kind of backroom to see what your stats are. This should already be a warning light to anyone who has done any internet marketing. Is this offer any different? I would be VERY CAREFUL.

      • Michael J Laskowski

        On 2/17/18 I was sent an unsolicited package of mail from Kids Characters. 501–I S Reino Rd, Suite 116, Newbury Park, CA 91320 E-Mail kidscharacters@aol.com FAX 805-262-2441 TOLL FREE 800-956-8429 On 2/21/18 I spoke with a gentleman named David. He explained that Kids Characters sells toy and has a website. But If I buy a package for 128.95 and get my own website, when anyone that goes to it and makes a purchase, I will be paid 50% as commission on all sales. So I placed the order and I specifically asked “will that be my only cost?” because in my past, I was deceived by another company that provided “Affiliate Marketing” and I do not want to get into debt that I can’t get out of. David said “of course not we are a family run company and we are going to build a long term relationship and make Each Other a lot of money”. So I purchased the package for $128.95.
        On 2/27/18 I was contacted by David (The Manager) and said I should speak with his coworker Daniel. Daniel proceeded to tell me that I should Purchase there Platinum Package at $ 4,495 and that this package will generate 80% commissions instead of only 50% like the first package I purchased. He also stated that I’m guaranteed I will be placed on Google’s top Tier when people are looking on websites. He also said I should act very fast on this so things can be built on the backend for me and Google. He was adamant about getting my credit card information over the phone when I got home from work that day. I live in Florida and they informed me their company is in California. So I did that when I got home and was billed $ 4,495. He also said it will be in writing that once I make $ 5,000 in gross sales I will be reimbursed my $ 4,495. I asked how long in his opinion will it take to make that. He said with this type of Platinum Package I should have no problem making my money up in THREE MONTHS…
        I continued to make calls to Daniel after this time every other day to see how long the website was taking and he said “you already have some sales made and things look very good”. When I asked him how many sales have been made he stated “I WILL HAVE TO GET BACK TO YOU”. The next call after that” I asked when will I receive my check and he informed me that you get paid for a full month not a partial month so I should be getting a check in April.” So I asked “what happened to the sales that you said I had already made”? He told me he will check on that and get back to me. He never called me back about those individual sales.
        On or around 3/22/18 I received a call from Daniel and he said he was in a meeting with the owner of the company and management and the topic of discussion was about a former lady employee who recently passed away and had been with Kids Characters for over 10 years. She over saw the state of Florida meaning she simply brings people into the Kids Characters program and she received 30% commission on everyone’s sales from the state of Florida. He said that I was very professional in my demeanor. I meet so many new people a day working at Publix Grocery store in the Deli Dept. So it would be very easy to sign up people because grandparents love to buy things for their Grandchildren. I said I would like to prey on it because you guys keep throwing new amounts of debt for these programs my way that I need to spend to be successful in your company. I asked what about all the existing Florida reps she was over and he said they will all be mine. In his own very words he said you hit the Lottery today and he actually feels a little jealous because this other program called “Partners in Profits” has always gone previously to very seasoned employees of Kids Characters and I should feel very lucky for this opportunity because only key people are offered buy I have to act fast per the owner of the company. He then stated “because of my professionalism he could not think of anyone better suited for this job”. He said the cost is only $ 4,166.05. I quickly informed him that” you guys are putting me into LARGER DEBT POSITIONS that I am not used to and he said” I would not worry about it because I should be able to make that money up within 6 weeks or 8 weeks at the longest amount of time, looking at the previous financial results that the deceased lady had been making monthly. So on 3/23/18 over the phone he took my new second credit card information.
        At the beginning of April I called and asked where my check is at. He said he will have to find out and get back with me. Two days later he said my check is for $ 41.19 and that it is in the mail. I received the check and tried to deposit it. It came back out from the ATM machine and the error code was to contact the merchant about the check. The very next morning I went to the bank and explained what happened. The Banker Representative started looking up other checks from this company and he showed me how many checks for $ 41.19 that could not be cashed or deposited. And to my amazement the checks memo section (4) REG (3) PIP SALES (7) TOTAL. He called Kids Characters and left them a message with an employee. Within five minutes the Owner of the company was on the phone and gave the banker some type of codes. After the banker hung up he immediately said to go cash the check at the teller line while the check is valid. To say the least I was not happy with the way things were going financially, not only with such a small check but also the fact that the check was not good at the time of my ATM deposit.
        When I arrived home I called Daniel and asked about all the sales that he said I had been making just from the website and the post cards that I was mailing out on my own funds. Daniel then proceeded to tell me that he spoke to the Owner of the company and made me my fourth offer. It was as if he was trained not to hear what I ask and keep moving in his sales direction like a used car salesmen. My questions were always answered vaguely and ultimately with “I will get back to you on that” and it never happened. David at one time said he has a “Scorecard” reflecting website activity and he can track my sales and that he can email that to me anytime. I never received any Scorecards in the future other than “OH Yes I will get that right to you and it never came”
        As far as Daniels fourth offer, he then had the audacity to place me on the phone with the advertising GURU named Jack who is the professional for internet sites. He was pushy and was trying to make a deal with me that the Owner of the company said they will pay a portion for which he has never seen before. They only needed another $ 3,500 to get me on Google and also Bing internet services. But wasn’t I already on Google from the original $4,495… I hung up the phone, and they have called me at least 10 ten times to get this new program underway and get me to making the money that I am looking for! I have saved the phone messages from them and have never called them back.
        I started doing research on the internet and found some bad reviews about the Kids Characters Company and obvious fraud. Please help me help others by posting the truth about Kids Characters and to stay totally uninvolved with these people. I have a BS in Business Management and I can see that Kids Characters business model is “BAIT AND SWITCH”, “TAKE MY WORD FOR IT AND TRUST ME”, “YOUR CHECK IS IN THE MAIL”.
        And as of last week 5/21/18 -5/25/18 I have received 5 messages from David ( Manager ) that were threats. He stated he is going to ruin my credit and laughed at his threat, he is going to turn me into a collections agency and they will hound me every day as my credit is ruined. He also stated don’t hide behind the phone because avoiding him will not change anything and then laughs again.
        Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this so called family company. I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE FROM KIDS CHARACTERS OR BELIEVE ONE WORD THEY SAY. STAY AWAY AND FIND ANOTHER WAY TO MAKE MONEY FROM HOME.

        Warning EVERYONE in advance,
        Michael J. Laskowski

        • OMG! OMG! OMG! …All I can say is WOW. This is horrendous!

          First off, I apologize for my delay in reading my commenst and getting them cleared out and/or posted. Secondly, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story! This is just horrible, and yes, it needs to be posted and re-posted. I am not only approving your comment, I would also urge you to look into filing some sort of legal action!!! At the very least, please call your state Attorney General and/or the Attorney General for the state of CA to see what, if anything, can be done about this company’s practices. There also may be class-action suits. That’s what I’d be doing research for – and see if you can join. You may even call local police or local FBI office for advice or to see what they can do. I feel so sorry that you were ripped off by thousands… I can’t imagine… But, no, they should not be allowed to get away with any of this. I do urge you to look into some sort of action. I know that’s easier said than done… We’re all busy, we all work hard for our money, but seriously, if these people are doing this to you, how many others have they done this to as well? This type of company and “business practice” needs to be stopped – plain and simple. I wish you well. Good luck, and if you wish, please keep us updated! ….omg…

          Thank you so much for sharing your story. I do hope you press charges and I hope you recover your losses…


          • David nelson

            Michael (Last Name Removed) actually ripped us off and kept the product we are pursuing theft charges against him and cashed our checks

          • David nelson

            Everything that’s shipped to our customers they have to sign a disclosure in advance there money honey and we are totally a legal company

            Fact check

          • You may be a “legal” company, but you may also have questionable practices. I do find it interesting that others are sharing their experiences with you and your company on my blog. Why do you suppose that is?

        • TOP DOG

          Man, sorry to hear about your ordeal with these criminals. They will get whats coming to them. VERY SOON.


          GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!

          • Jay

            Out of Hawaii and I totally agree! Fucking messing with people’s livelihood! Cocky fuckers ditching a call back on a kit I never received, could have been that I never opted to purchase a highly expensive package upon my initial purchase which I phoned in money drawn immediately and no kit! Called back several times about it and was told that it got returned because of some shipping error. My mailing information was given over the phone when placing the order to join. I later was told the information I wrote on the order form was incorrect mind you I placed my order over the phone and never sent an order form in to them. Furious and frustrated I was accused of not listening when I placed the calls to follow-up on the matter. I was told the kit was in fact returned and in the office while on the phone and asked to cancel the order and that I wanted a refund, that set them off and that I should wait to get an answer since the refund has to go to another dept and would take at least 5 days and to check with my bank been almost 2 weeks make another call on 3/23 and was told to listen and that because of the coronavirus things are held up. Sick of excuses, lousy customer service and had my calls hung up on in the middle of our conversation and was told that my attitude is what Hawaii is about! Fucking crooks!

        • Mel Herman

          I am going though the same thing as I write this they are scammer and getting away with it. Please call me


        • William R. Cary Sr.

          They got me the same way. How can we stop these people. Can we report our experiences with this company to the FBI, or state officials? If possible can we get some of our money back?

  8. david nelson

    30 days to remove this blog or we are filing a lawsuit against msmoneyhoney aka toni
    and the site provider we promise

  9. Michael Nelson

    Toni We Know You Posted This And We Are Taking You To Court We Akso Know Your Address And Who Maintains The Site

      • That’s great. I’m happy that you’ve stated that. So, how come you are using what I consider to be deceitful marketing practices in your marketing literature? You know, you really ought to read my post again. I’ve pretty much provided a guidepost of items for you to help you improve your business model and marketing efforts. But, it’s up to you to determine whether to correct what I perceive as problematic which, in turn, justifies my conclusion. That’s totally your choice.

  10. David nelson

    I’ve been working with kids characters for 6 years and they have been very good to us I don’t know why you post negative reviews on them when you never have worked for them

  11. Tony strizich

    I don’t appreciate you calling our company a scam and our attorney will be contacting you about this blog that’s not true we are a honest business and not a scam remove this blog immediately

    • Hi there, Tony,

      Well, going by your comment, you apparently cannot read. And, if you do have an attorney, please do have him or her contact me. I stand by what I wrote. I wrote the truth from my perspective. As for the flyer, you sent it to me without my request. Therefore, I own it. It is now my personal property, and I can do with it what I please. I chose to use it to warn others. In my opinion, you, on the other hand, really “should” take a step back and re-think your whole business and marketing model. There are better ways, and more honest ways to earn a living without trickery and without trying to take incredibly unfair advantage of people who do wish to learn – specifically referring to my reader’s last comment on this subject while you and your people were on the phone with her.

      Once again, it pays to be skeptical!

  12. Ann Beal

    I received this mailing also and called, talked to Anthony who had David call me, who said Jack would call me, and he did. They want you to go in at different levels, the lowest being $2000. They told me they would accept $1000 and a payment arrangement for the balance. I told them I didn’t have that kind of money except in my PayPal credit card, but that would max me out. Jack said he would see if they can do PayPal and would call me back in 5 minutes. While I waited, I checked them out and found 4 BBB complaints. They didn’t call back until the next day. I was working the next three days and had told them that. After talking to them on Monday, I told them I didn’t want to do this as it was to risky. Jack passed me on to David who dressed me up and down for not ‘keeping my word’. He got very hostile and arrogant and told me he doesn’t want me as an ‘agent’ because I was unreliable and didn’t keep my word. He just ranted on and on until I told him now I new why he was getting bad reviews and that he was an a++hole.

    I would not do business with this company as they are no doubt a scam, or at best have a very hostile atmosphere. Save yourself a nightmare; DON’T do it!

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