1. Boot camp, I think is the first step to being wealthy. This site is so informative. I have read many sites as to, “how to” but, they don’t compare. They are lacking in detail. This review is clear and concise. This site will make the money. Boot Camp, here I come.


    • Thank you, Penn, for your visit and your comment! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a wealth of information, and yes, following along the boot camp or even if becoming an affiliate of another valid company, such as Amazon, does make money for many affiliates. Once you join, I’ll be here for you every step of the way. Just let me know! Here’s my profile link to leave direct comments for me: Wealthy Affiliate / Ms Money Honey . I hope to see and chat with you soon!

    • Craig Sellers

      1)Do I need a desktop computer or a lap top? Can it be done with a cell phone for now til I can afford one being on limited monthly SSI disability income?
      2) Since I cannot hear will I be missing out of important info as with verbal webinars? Or can it be improvised via a different format?

      • Hello Craig,
        Well, for me anyway, I would find it very difficult learning, surfing, writing, or blogging from anything other than a desktop pc or a laptop. I am aware that there are some members who are using phones, but, to be honest, I have no clue how they do it or keep up. I, personally, need my full size screen especially when I have multiple windows and tabs up all at once – yikes!

        Although I do understand your concern about money, there are lower cost “internet only” laptops available now for much less than a “traditional” desktop pc would cost. I have seen Microsoft’s netbooks for under $200 and that was a year ago brand new, and they have an actual keyboard. They are likely even less now – brand new, or you may find a bargain on a used laptop online or physically nearby at a computer place, etc. You may also check out any deals on Amazon – once you get the funds, of course.

        As for “hearing,” yes, Wealthy Affiliate does have video classrooms that are also available to members as well as the video tutorials made available through the coursework and lessons. These enhance and add to the training, and, to my knowledge, written transcripts are not available. The video training made available to members is protected information, and, perhaps, that is one valid reason why they will likely not be made available in written form. While it is a possibility that, in the future, someone will offer these classrooms and/or similar tutorials in written form, I haven’t come across any – as yet. With that stated, I am also not sure whether there is any software that can listen to videos for you, and provide it to you in written form while you’re actually watching the video. I suppose, someone will work on that in time… But, for now, I have not come across anything like that, myself.

        At this point, I’d like to thank you for your visit, and if there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.
        I wish you well,

  2. Hello Ms. MoneyHoney,

    It is a very convincing review and I like the way you give a great balance on the pros/cons section! I too went through the same situation and feel like there is someone else who can feel what I went through! You give a very strong case that shows great stats and proof of your review. It is done with great feeling since you are a member and also with keen insight for the reader.

    • Hi Keith,
      Glad to see that you are also a Wealthy Affiliate member! I am very happy that I joined as a Premium member, and have now gone annually. Even though I’ve been successful in the past with online stores and what I had learned about SEO, I’m still constantly learning. Technology changes daily, and this membership is a great way to keep up with things. There are so many members! So many resources! In addition, I can control and protect the asset I’m building. I control my site and content, keep back-up copies, and I control my own domain. So, there is little need to worry about any type of “Squidoo” sell-out from the likes of Seth Godin – which I’ve talked about previously (Read “What happened to Squidoo” here). The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are two confident guys who are sincere in growing their business, and in doing so, helping us build our businesses and use the site to its full extent. I am very comfortable here, and I look forward to what the future holds. As I mentioned, the sky’s the limit – now, and I truly mean that. I look forward to the WA Seminar in Vegas for 2017 – maybe I’ll see you there!

  3. Joe P.

    Hello, I came across your site, and this is very interesting to me. I don’t know how to build a website, but I do have a contracting business. I have looked into getting a website designed and running, but it was just too pricey for me. Thank you for this information, I will read more and get back to you.
    Thank you, Joe

    • Thank you for your visit, Joe! Sure, please check out all the pages up top too. I have more info for beginners, in addition to the articles I’ve posted. I also have additional Testimonials, just click the link at the bottom of the current page. If you need anything further, you can either leave another comment here, or go directly to my profile on Wealthy Affiliate to leave a message there as well. I’ll be here to help you every step of the way! Once again, thank you for your visit!
      ~MMH (aka Toni)

  4. Hi MsMoneyHoney,

    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate! I totally agree that the Boot Camp training is where to start. I started with the Boot Camp training and promoting the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity. This was a well thought out decision. I knew if I started out promoting a make money online opportunity that the road ahead would be really hard because this niche is so competitive and most of the opportunities being presented are scams.

    That being said I also knew if I could learn enough in the Boot Camp training to have success, even on a small scale in this niche, then I would be able to find success in almost any niche.

    There is so much information in the training at Wealthy Affiliate that you can find the answer to any question you have. I have found that nothing goes unanswered there and if you truly want have an online business then Wealthy Affiliate absolutely provides everything you need to create an online income.

    Joining WA was a no brainer for me and after a year and a half I have no regrets and plan on keeping my membership active for years to come.

    • Hi Wayne, and thank you for your visit and input! To be honest, I wasn’t thinking too much about earning an income at home or doing affiliate marketing when I initially joined. I was thinking more about “supplementing” my income in real estate and insurance, but, after so many injuries these past two years and physically being unable to work, basically, I began reading more, learning more, and doing more and more on the Wealthy Affiliate site. I’m no “expert,” but I do know that with my experience, I should be able to generate a full-time income easily. If newbies on the WA forum are doing it – I can too! Once again, Thanks for your visit!

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