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Paycor is a payroll processing provider that serves more than 2.3 million users. Paycor modernizes the HR process with automated and flexible tools and combines them with best-in-class implementation tactics that ensure a seamless software transition. 

With additional products in talent management, workforce management, and benefits administration, Paycor can become an all-in-one provider for all things HR and payroll. 

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Paycor Compared

Paycor didn’t make it onto our top list, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide a satisfying service. With that said, the best online payroll service for most people is Gusto because of its excellent ability to cater to dispersed and hybrid workforces. Sign up for Gusto today, with pricing plans starting at just $46 per month

Want to read more about the top best online payroll services? We reviewed dozens of options and narrowed it down to the top five. If you want to scope out all of your options, see all of our top picks here.

  • Gusto — Best for dispersed workforces
  • Paychex — Best for experienced payroll teams
  • OnPay — Best for simplifying all things payroll
  • QuickBooks Payroll — Best for solopreneurs and small teams
  • ADP — Best for never outgrowing your payroll provider

About Paycor

Even though Paycor didn’t make it onto our top list, it still offers a wide range of products, services, and features that make payroll processing easier. Paycor aims to simplify the payroll process so you don’t waste valuable time. 

Paycor’s suite of products includes payroll and HR software, analytics, recruiting and onboarding software, time and attendance software, and scheduling software. Paycor also supports employees with a learning management and benefits system. 

Paycor Health and Stability

Paycor was founded in 1990 and is a publicly traded company with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has multiple sales offices and support centers throughout the United States. Paycor currently has eight investors, with lead investors including Qatar Investment Authority and Neuberger Berman Group, which have raised more than $270 million. 

Today, Paycor employs more than 1,000 people across the United States. Even with a 3.6-star rating on Glassdoor—which is below average compared to its competitors—many employees still find Paycor’s culture outstanding. 

Paycor Pricing

Paycor bases its pricing on company size, with one category suited for companies with below 50 employees and the other for companies with between 50 and 1,000+ employees. 

Paycor Pricing Structure

Paycor has a simple pricing structure across its products and services with a per month, per employee foundation. Paycor has four pricing tiers for its below 50 employees category that scale to the size of your business and steadily includes additional products as the pricing increases. 

The best aspect of Paycor’s pricing structure is that it doesn’t have separate pricing for additional products. You can find the right package for your business needs instead of paying for products you might not use.

Paycor Pricing Comparison

Unfortunately, Paycor’s pricing packages are expensive overall. Paycor’s pricing starts at $99 per month, plus $5 per employee, and jumps to $149 per month plus $7 per employee for additional compliance management and new hire productivity features. And for a fully comprehensive payroll and HR platform, you will be expected to pay $199 per month plus $14 per employee. 

Compared to other online payroll services, Paycor is on the more expensive side. For example, Gusto and OnPay start at $40 per month, plus $6 per employee, and Gusto’s more comprehensive package is still cheaper than Paycor’s starting package. 

And you can even find lower pricing with QuickBooks Payroll, which comes in at only $25 per month or $17.50 per month with a 30% discount if you purchase the product immediately.   

Paycor Trials and Guarantees

Paycor doesn’t currently offer a free forever plan or a traditional free trial. However, it does have an exclusive offer that lets you choose any plan and receive three months free, with zero set-up fees. 

Paycor Online Payroll Service Review

Compared to other online payroll services, Paycor stands out for its tax compliance system and automated payroll processing solution. You could benefit from Paycor if you are looking for robust yet highly flexible payroll features. 

Paycor can help you reduce payroll processing time and manage your business. To read more about Paycor’s competitors and how they stack up against each other, check out our top picks for online payroll services

What Makes Paycor Online Payroll Service Great

Examples of Paycor interface on laptop screen and on mobile app.
You can view all your payment details in Paycor’s intuitive interface.
  • Stress-free tax compliance process: Paycor makes it incredibly easy to manage your payroll and tax compliance without needing to keep up with federal, local, and state tax regulations, which are constantly evolving. With Paycor’s tax compliance dashboard, you receive relevant alerts and compliance warnings, including missing or invalid tax IDs, tax recommendations, and invalid addresses. Paycor’s tax compliance also extends to expert support and tax setup guidance, so you can protect your business every step of the way. You also don’t have to handle any tax filing, W-2, and 1099 processing, making it easier for you to focus on the rest of your business and payroll. 
  • Automated payroll system: With Paycor’s AutoRun functionality, you can automate your payroll system and create a seamless workflow. AutoRun can help administrators automatically process payroll on a specific day without being at a computer. Paycor’s payroll system also offers reporting, real-time calculations, and employee self-service to help you transform the way you process payroll. Instead of trying to manually find each employee’s pay information, Paycor’s reporting function gives you the pay summary you need to finish payroll on time. With real-time calculations, you can make and save edits in real-time instead of relying on batch processing. And with employee self-service, Paycor ensures your employees can access their pay stubs W-2s and benefits information from the comfort of their mobile phones. 
  • Solid mobile app: Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a functional mobile application that comes with payroll solutions, but this isn’t the case for Paycor. With more than 1 million downloads, 20,000 reviews, and between a 4.3 and 4.7-star rating—depending on the app store you download it through—Paycor’s mobile app is incredibly efficient and helps users save time on several payroll tasks. Employees, managers, and administrators can utilize the app to do the following: fill out timesheets, accept time cards, approve time off requests, approve workflows, view work schedules, track applicants, and punch in and out. 
  • Flexible payment options: When it comes to paying your employees, Paycor gives you flexible payment options that will suit the needs of any employee situation. For example, you can choose from three options, including OnDemand pay, Paycor wallet, or direct deposit. OnDemand pay gives your employees access to money they’ve already earned before their scheduled payday and Paycor wallet is a specialized functionality that allows your employees to access earned wages, pay information, and financial wellness resources in one secure location. On the other hand, direct deposit is the most popular payment option, as it removes the need for paper checks, so you can send paychecks directly into your employee’s bank accounts instead. 
  • Quick and easy onboarding: Among Paycor’s talent management services, many users have said how satisfied they are with its onboarding software. Paycor’s onboarding software can help you accelerate engagement and boost retention by simplifying the hiring process with mobile optimization, tax credit integration, and easy compliance. Paycor’s onboarding system offers a seamless way to hire employees by utilizing quick and bulk hire features, which help onboard groups at once. You can also engage your new hires early with company handbooks and policies ready to go in the portal, and what’s even better is that you can eliminate paperwork and save time with Paycor’s automation. 

Where Paycor Online Payroll Service Falls Short

Example of Paycor interface showing view of its reporting features.
Paycor’s reporting features include piecharts and easy-to-view categories.
  • High and extensive fees: Unlike other payroll services, a big downside to Paycor is that it has an extensive list of high fees that add up over time. For example, Paycor has more than 20 fees for payroll processing alone, which isn’t ideal. The fees start at $1 for tax processing and increase to $1,000 for one-time additional reports. You will also have to pay a $50 late processing fee if you complete your payroll after 3 pm.   
  • Lackluster reporting: After looking through dozens of reviews, I found most users were unhappy with Paycor’s reporting functionality, claiming that it isn’t easy to use, doesn’t always work, and may even fail when you try to run it. Users have also complained about the lack of report customization capabilities.  
  • Slow customer service: Another common set of reviews involved Paycor’s slow customer service, with reviewers reporting wait times of up to 45 minutes and occasional dropped calls. Many reviewers have also claimed that Paycor’s customer representatives weren’t very knowledgeable or trained in assisting clients appropriately. 

Paycor Online Payroll Service Compared

While Paycor provides an automated payroll processing solution with flexible payment options, the best online payroll service is Gusto because of its powerful features that support dispersed workforces. 

  • Gusto — Best for dispersed workforces
  • Paychex — Best for experienced payroll teams
  • OnPay — Best for simplifying all things payroll
  • QuickBooks Payroll — Best for solopreneurs and small teams
  • ADP — Best for never outgrowing your payroll provider

Final Verdict

Paycor is a solid payroll service for businesses of any size. With stress-free tax compliance and flexible functionalities, such as a reliable mobile app and diverse payment options, you can transform the way you pay your employees. 

With more than 20 years in the industry and thousands of employees across the United States, Paycor is a reliable company that specializes in providing its users with a simplified way to process payroll, which is why we would recommend Paycor to any business that needs effective yet flexible payroll services.

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