SPI 310: The Secret to Superfans in Two Words

What exactly is a superfan? Glad you asked! Today I’m offering some tips and blueprints for building a thriving community of superfans who will boost your online business to the next level.

I also have two guests toward the end of this episode—Matt Barnett and Oli Bridge from Bonjoro—who are going to talk about how their tool will help surprise and delight your audience. It’s a fantastic resource for making a solid first impression, and I highly recommend it, whether you’re just getting started or already have a business up and running. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

I also have a special giveaway to announce! All you have to do is find three people in your audience to surprise and delight. You can surprise and delight each of them in the same way, or three different ways—up to you. Just leave a comment below about how you did it and what happened. I’ll pick five lucky winners at random to receive a free, year-long Bonjoro subscription!

The first time I actually started thinking about fans was when I started SmartPassiveIncome.com, back in 2008. I’d just had an amazing month selling my first book on GreenExamAcademy.com. While I was building SPI I got a couple emails coming through from people saying they were fans of me. It was a difficult time: I’d been going through a lot of emotional rollercoasters, learning about internet business, and trying to get out of my comfort zone. To hear that I had fans just blew me away. “How could a person become a fan of me?” I wondered.

My fans have been so influential in the growth of my business. And because of my superfans, my business has grown exponentially—I can’t thank them enough. They’ve been integral in a lot of moments for my business—like when I’ve had trolls and haters comment on my website. Your fans matter because they will shape what your brand becomes.

And guess what? You are fan-worthy too. People will resonate with your message and can help your brand grow tenfold. So pull up a seat and let’s talk about how you can surprise and delight your audience!

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Special thanks to Matt Barnett and Oli Bridge for joining me this week. Until next time!

You'll Learn

  • What superfans are and why they're so critical to your brand.
  • How superfans can rally for you and support you when you need it the most.
  • How my fans were integral to my business when I was just getting started.
  • What my simple formula is for growing superfans, and how to use it.
  • Why having a smaller fanbase (at first) is an advantage for growing your business.
  • How to surprise and delight your audience.
  • Strategies I use for surprising my fans (like my book club).
  • How my fans tie into my overall business strategy to serve first.
  • The story of Bonjoro, how it creates a personalized, organic experience for customers, and more!


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