SPI Media Launches Groundbreaking Expert in Residence Program to Empower Entrepreneurs

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Sandy Mann, Director of Marketing
SPI Media

SPI Media's innovative Expert in Residence Program redefines entrepreneurial education, offering comprehensive mentorship within the online SPI Pro Community.

SPI Media proudly announces the launch of the Expert in Residence program, an exclusive offering within the SPI Pro online community. This program grants community members access to distinguished leaders in the online entrepreneurship space, including founding experts Terry Rice, Jason Feifer, Matthew Gartland, and Pat Flynn.

About the Expert in Residence Program

  • The Expert in Residence Program covers business domains including leadership, sales and marketing, product development, and operational strategies.
  • Members benefit from exclusive features such as quarterly roundtable discussions, monthly ask-me-anything sessions, weekly advice and insights, and expert-led events.
  • The program is designed to equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their entrepreneurial goals and foster continuous growth.

Matthew Gartland, CEO and Co-Founder of SPI Media and one of the founding Experts in Residence, highlights the program's significance: “Instead of indexing on one niche, we are building a network of business experts spanning the diverse aspects of small business. Where others provide incomplete experiences and expertise, we provide full coverage.”

This marks just the beginning of the Expert in Residence program’s visionary roadmap. SPI Media will continually expand its roster of experts and enhance program offerings. This initiative marks the start of an exciting journey toward comprehensive business education as SPI Media continues to support and empower the entrepreneurial community.

About SPI Media

SPI Media is a trusted learning and development ecosystem serving a global community of online entrepreneurs. Comprising two vibrant online communities — the All-Access Pass and SPI Pro — SPI Media caters to entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey. The All-Access Pass is tailored for early-stage entrepreneurs, while SPI Pro is an application-based community tailored for established business owners seeking guidance for accelerated growth. SPI enables members to achieve their goals through top-tier educational content, community-building opportunities, and training experiences. To learn more about SPI Media and the Expert in Residence program, please visit SmartPassiveIncome.com.

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