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Affiliate Disclosure:

Please know that the opinions and reviews published on this site, or other ABS owned sites, is the opinion of the writer. Personal opinions and reviews are not representative of the companies that create these products. Reviews and opinions offered are based on the writer’s personal experience, research, and educated decision. We do not recommend poor quality products, or products that are advertised based on misleading and deceptive advertising at the time of the research and review. ABS works to help educate and inform readers or the consumer so that they may make wise decisions regarding what products or services they may buy now, or in the future.

Please also know that, in order to help pay for this site, the products and services listed are likely affiliate links, Google AdSense links, or links to products or services that we here at Affirmative Business Solutions (ABS) advertise or offer. This means that ABS is a “for-profit” entity, and we may earn a small commission and/or profit from their use. The links do not add any cost to the potential shopper/buyer. Further, readers are not required to click on these links or make any purchases as the information on this site is free and open to the public. If you do use the links for purchases, and we do earn a small commission, thank you for your support! We will continue to work hard to both gain your trust and to provide quality content. Thank you for your visit!

Legal Disclaimer:

Yes, unfortunately, we need to put this here to both appease those “sue happy” people as well as to act as a reminder to those who may think earning any amount of money that may be stated is “average.”  First of all, we have no way of knowing what is the average amount being earned by WA members, affiliate marketers, internet marketers, or bloggers, in general. These amounts stated and published may be higher than average, or lower depending on a variety of variables that go into any type of online work. Further, and most importantly, we have not made any references stating that you “will” earn “X” amount of money. We only state that you “may.” The possibilities do exist, and that statement is based on my, the owner’s, experience and realized earnings. Further, it’s up to each individual to conduct due diligence and determine whether any opportunity, product, or service presented anywhere on this blog, or any of the sites managed and owned by ABS, is suitable for them.

Please also know that any information obtained here on this site, or any site owned by ABS, is not a substitute for your own due diligence. We are not attorneys or CPA’s. All readers are urged to conduct their own due diligence before making any purchasing decision – or not, and readers are also urged to check with their own attorneys and/or financial advisers before implementing any possible strategy, product, or service they may have read about, or clicked through, on our sites. By visiting, using, reading, or clicking the links on our sites, regardless of what type of product or service, readers agree to hold ABS harmless from any lawsuit or possible negative outcome as a result of reading and obtaining information, and/or purchasing any product, or service from, or through, our sites. If you do not agree, please click away from this, or any other ABS owned or managed site – Thank you.



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