How To Make Money At Home Online

How to Make Money At HmeThere are multiple ways to make money at home online whether working from home at a job, or finding a work at home business opportunity.  I have done quite a bit of research, and I have already identified my Top 5 picks for the best work at home jobs.  This page will act as an additional resource and overview page to further research and discuss the work at home opportunities available today while future articles will be more detailed.

If you’d like the complete list of companies and business opportunities, I have made the Best Work At Home Jobs Research Report available as a download here:
Best Work At Home Jobs: Research Sources & Links Report

What Do I Need To Work At Home?

Well, you’re going to need a good reliable computer and reliable internet access. Some people use laptops, but I, personally, would rather sit at a computer desk with a pc or Apple and a large monitor adjusted to the proper height to reduce stress and strain. It is my opinion that you’re probably going to be more comfortable and focused on writing or working rather than trying to hunch over looking at a laptop screen and squeezing your hands together in a less than comfortable way to type on a smaller keyboard. In short, you will need to be comfortable, and you need a good work area with the right equipment. You’ll need a good computer, monitor, lighting, full-size keyboard, desk and chair, and if you’re on vacation in Hawaii, yes, you will likely need a good laptop too.

Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs!Work At Home Jobs: Overview

In the articles ahead, I will be discussing the jobs available as well as the pros and cons of each opportunity. These are actual jobs from companies that “employ” people who wish to work from home. There are both part-time jobs as well as full-time jobs.

Work At Home Business Opportunities: Overview

I will also be discussing the many business opportunities available as well as the pros and cons of each. As mentioned, there are multiple work at home business opportunities available now. The technology boom and the advances made have opened up a wide variety of opportunities.


No matter which you choose, working from home requires you to be more focused, and there are two major requirements.

  1. Self-Discipline: You must have the ability to control your time to ensure quality time spent on your work. This means, you will have specific times set aside that you have chosen to work uninterrupted – or with the least interruptions possible, and you must have the self-discipline to follow through.
  2. Respect: In addition to self-discipline, the other necessity is respect. You must have respect for yourself and the work you wish to do, and you must have respect from others. This, I have found, is harder to achieve. Unless you live alone, there is always some family member, neighbor, or friend who will either forget, or perhaps, is too young to know and comprehend that this is your “work” time – because – after all, you’re home!
  3. Set Up Your Boundaries: Once you have your business equipment and have set aside a room or “an area,” make it clear to yourself and others that this “area” is your work space.  When you’re in it, you must assert your right to be left alone with little to no interruptions – unless, of course, the house is on fire. It’s up to you to be self-disciplined enough to set up your boundaries and be respected in your own home.

As mentioned, the technological advances have opened up the flood gates. There are so many opportunities now that allow people to be able to work from home whether they want employment, or have decided to start their own business. The sky really is the limit!

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