How to Sell Your Business

You’ve decided to sell your business—now what? Selling a business can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been through this process before. Between the timing of the sale and the logistics, there are lots of factors to take into consideration before you proceed. First, you need to understand that it’s perfectly OK to sell yourContinue reading

Best Recruiting Software

Recruiting software is the modern way to source and hire top-level talent. These tools help businesses, hiring managers, HR teams, and staffing firms streamline the recruiting process. Without recruiting software, you’re forced to complete extra steps, which is inefficient. You’ll have to manually post open positions on multiple job boards. Then you’ll have to scheduleContinue reading

Best Contact Management Software

Contact management software does much more than just store phone numbers. It’s a way for businesses and individuals to organize contacts by needs, interests, and categories. The best contact management solutions encompass CRM (customer relationship management) features to track communication with people on your list. These features are crucial for sales teams to better understandContinue reading

Success Story: Brent Lacey, a Doc Who’s Helping Other Docs Thrive

How this doctor used a potent mix of purpose, preparation, and execution to build a promising side hustle
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Best Digital Asset Management Software

Digital asset management (DAM) software is a single source for organizing, sharing, tracking, and distributing all of a company’s digital assets. A digital asset can be defined as any document, image, video, audio file, visual, animation, or any other piece of media content. This software is commonly used to manage marketing materials and different typesContinue reading

Best Workflow Management Software

Workflow management software has been quickly growing in popularity over the last few years. It’s an excellent way for businesses, teams, and individuals to streamline routine business processes. By leveraging a workflow management solution, businesses can benefit from automation and improved efficiency for daily tasks, one-off projects, and ongoing work. Without workflow management software, teamsContinue reading

Best Collaboration Software

Collaboration tools have changed the way people work—and for the better. The days of knocking on office doors, leaving voicemails, or sending lengthy email chains with updates and attachments are long behind us. Modern technology makes it much easier for teams of all sizes to work together more efficiently. With collaboration software, users can accessContinue reading

Best Real Estate CRM Software

CRM (customer relationship management) software, in general, is a tool that helps businesses manage interactions with current and prospective customers. Some CRM solutions are designed specifically for the real estate industry. A dedicated real estate CRM will help you organize client contact information, manage your sales pipeline, maintain relationships with previous clients, and automate mundaneContinue reading