Best Free CRM Software

A business without a CRM is at a disadvantage. It is extremely tough to manage all of your customers while keeping track of everything else without any dedicated system. Leads are dropped, opportunities are missed. The good news is that CRM software can help you automate and efficiently manage all these customer-related processes. The greatContinue reading

SmartStart Review

While most applicant tracking software options require paid plans, SmartStart is free to use when you have up to 10 active job listings at a time.  This free software is a game-changer for smaller businesses, businesses looking to scale back their budgets, nonprofits, and more.  And while SmartStart may be free, it still offers plentyContinue reading

Best Business Brokers

Buying or selling a business is a big deal. With potentially millions of dollars at stake, you can’t afford to go into the process blind.  Yet most business owners have never sold a business before. So where do they turn for help? A business broker. The best business brokers manage all the details, including assistingContinue reading

Best International Payroll Services

With remote work becoming the new normal, companies across all industries are expanding their workforces to global markets. The ease of digital communication allows organizations to work with employees and contractors in different countries, often for inexpensive labor.  But not every payroll solution supports cross-border payments. Companies with employees in different countries also need toContinue reading

Best Data Loss Prevention Software

Businesses implement security measures for many reasons. The most obvious are securing the physical premises and protecting expensive equipment. But there’s another very valuable business asset that needs the same protection–your electronic data. The best way to protect business data is with data loss prevention software. There are countless options on the market today, andContinue reading