1. Wow, what an ordeal! Poor customer service drives me crazy. And this is one of the most comprehensive reviews I think I’ve ever read. Looking forward to reading your final review a few months from now.

    • Hi Mike,
      Yes, and there was one previously as well – which I didn’t write about. If they don’t clean up their act, this company/product won’t last long as more and more reviews come out.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hillary

    OMG what a nightmare!!!! This is horrible-there is nothing more i hate than poor customer service!! You warned them LOL!

    • I did! I did! …And, it happened before! Sorry for the length, but… I thought it best to publish the whole damn thing. Thanks for reading it, and thanks for your comment too!

  3. Wow, this is among the most in-depth reviews I’ve ever read! Great job!

    It sucks that you couldn’t solve your problem. These ready-made services are generally bad news. I would just start my Amazon store from scratch. At least then I’d be responsible for errors.

    It seems products like these only look at customers as income, not as people.

    Amazing review!

    • Well, yes, I agree! But, then, oh what fun I’ll have if the product doesn’t do what it said it would, and I follow up with my final review! …I simply MUST wait it out and see! lol… Thanks for your visit and your input – I appreciate it!

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