1. Hello MissMoneyHoney,
    Great article, I love the way you introduce everyone to what SEO and keywords are in the beginning.
    I agree with you that if you are serious about making your page rank high, then Jaaxy is the way to go.
    Look forward to your future posts.

  2. Hi. Your searches for kids sneakers shows a lot of green lights, which is promising for rank.How do you feel about using keywords with very low , like <10 , monthly searches? I noticed that they always get a green light too.

    • H Janelle,
      First of all, thank you for your visit and your feedback! It is much appreciated! Yes, “kid’s sneakers” did very well. I’m keeping it on my saved lists …because.. you never know! As for those with <10, yes, those are very low results. Unless it's a new trend or something "new" that's taking the web by storm, I'd say those are not really worth pursuing. But, then again, that's the beauty of using Jaaxy – you can always check back!

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