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ResearchWhile this site is available world-wide, this writer lives in the U.S. Therefore, when you, as a reader, come across a statement that refers to “our economy,” it will refer to the U.S. economy only – unless specifically stated otherwise.

Obviously, there are a myriad of products and services available that claim to help you build passive income and wealth. In fact, there are so many that it would be nearly impossible to purchase and review them all for the purposes of reviewing and documenting the experience.

As I come across offers, I usually try to learn as much as I can about the product or service before that “buy now” button even comes up. Or, in some cases, I bring up another tab or window to do some quick research if the offer interests me – which, it turns out, is a good habit to have.

I didn’t always have this habit. Like you, and many others, I have spent a lot of money on courses, e-books, software, etc., that promise one thing or another. It’s the thing to do – given our circumstances.

And, that’s what interests me more – “our circumstances.” How did we get here? Why is it that our quality of life was so much better – way back when. Families, back then, usually had one wage earner, and that was, on average, usually more than enough to pay the bills and enjoy a trip to the beach or wherever on the weekend family outing. Nowadays, many families have two or three jobs, they work on weekends, they rarely see each other as they work in shifts, and they just barely make ends meet. Why is that?

Although I will try to stay away from voicing political views, sometimes, I just can’t help but notice things. So, while this page is supposed to be explaining my method of reviewing a product or a service, I guess I’m trying to tell you that politics, or rather, political views will – likely – also play a part.   Reviews

This site will offer informative reviews, or even limited reviews, about products or services. It will also invite healthy discussions about a myriad of topics ranging from affiliate or internet marketing, real estate, tax liens, investments, precious metals, insurance, laws, proposed laws and political views that do affect our everyday lives – our income, our quality of life, and our ability to build long-lasting wealth.

You are invited to participate, and you may even offer a review or two of your own. That’s fine. All in all, the reviews of products and/or services offered on this site will be as thorough as possible, and they are being offered to help you, the reader, save some time, money and effort during your journey to building long-lasting wealth.


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