1. gregg andely

    You, people, are lucky you all did not get sucked in when over 200 of us put big money into his crypto scam, we all lost over 200000 k when you put all tour money together, personally, I los5000 GBP , this was the end of 2018 and he kept us hanging on until we called him out only to hear him disclose that all the money was lost and then sometimes after going into 2020 we found out he started up the same shit with a new group only to rinse and repeat his scam again to this day

  2. dan

    i bought unstaniche and the pro got ripped off for $114.00 i think these two gys sould be banded from internet John Gibb And Mo Miah they should not be able to sell any products the support ticket has been block so i cant even contact them

    • Hi Dan, I’m sorry to hear the you’ve been ripped off, and yes, I agree with you. They don’t care very much for follow-up or customer service, and more people really do need to do their research before buying anything online.

      Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your comment. I hope it provides some more feedback to those who may find and read this post before plunking down some cold hard cash that, in turn, supports people like them.

  3. Bought the product…..It stopped working after a few wks…..Took forever to get a response

    This is what MIAH / GIBB said…They said its not their fault…They partnered with the wrong people and that its best every one just move on..You believe these 2 CROOKS…What about my money…I don’t care who they partnered with…..Its their name on the product…..Remember the names MO MIAH / JOHN GIBB….Do not buy anything from them..Most likely you will get Ripped Off

    • I agree, Mark! For them to state, “it’s not (their) fault” is just an excuse. When it comes to other people’s hard earned money, anything less than a “good faith attempt” to either communicate with people or to make good on their promise and guarantee is just unacceptable! Even further, even if it were a partner’s “fault,” why should we bear the brunt? It was they who chose to do business with them! They “GUARANTEED” DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK! That was “their” choice, and this was also in the sales video.

      For them to state, now, that “it’s best to move on,” is really just infuriating! And, that’s why I wrote my post. It is my hope that people learn to look up names and do some research before buying anything – even if you’re an Affiliate Marketer!

      These people are now out to sell their Shopify product, I’m still getting emails from them! I won’t block because I do want to keep tabs on them, but, no, I will NOT be buying any product from them at all, and I do wish to warn others. They have some nerve not even communicating with current customers who supported their efforts and bought their products – trusting them to make good on their word – AND THEY DID NOT KEEP THEIR WORD! And, that’s also unacceptable because it was they, themselves, who created the Facebook Page “to provide a way to communicate easily with their customers and for customers to keep up on information” about their product, etc. So, for them to just glibly state “move on,” wow… what nerve…

      I’ve named all four people in my post along with JVZoo. As mentioned in my post, I did receive my money back, and I highly recommend that those who were ripped off to, at the very least, make the attempt to contact JVZoo to complain and get their money back!

      Thank you for your visit – and thank you for your supporting comment!

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