Top 5 Picks: Work At Home Jobs

Top 5 Work At Home JobsSo, you want to know the top 5 work at home jobs? Well, this is not so simple.

First of all, those who want to know what the top 5 work at home jobs are need to know that there is a major difference between being a self-employed entrepreneur and a holding a “J.O.B.” Yes, I know I’m splitting hairs, but I am a stickler about it because these are two vastly different scenarios.

To be a “Self-Employed” Entrepreneur is to create and run your own company. You have to have the gumption, the determination, the persistence, and drive to see your efforts come to fruition and begin creating a profit for you and your family.

Holding a “J.O.B.” on the other hand, is working for someone else, and working toward “their” success. Unless you have some sort of profit sharing deal in place, e.g. Steve Ballmer who still has at least a 4% stake in MicroSoft, you will never truly build passive income or wealth of your own working for someone else.

With all that stated, however, I do know that many people do use the term “job” loosely. Many people do use the term even when speaking about being self-employed, and so, I will make the effort to combine both for the sake of this article.

Research, Research and more Research!Researched: Best Work At Home Jobs

I researched a variety of articles, see “Compiled Active Links Research Report” below, and I found that many articles that talk about the “best” work at home jobs have identified professions that are split between holding a J.O.B and being self-employed – despite the distinct differences. Out of those that I found, and in keeping with my whole blog theme “Building Passive Income and Wealth,” I have identified what I determine to be the…

“Top 5 Work At Home Jobs”

  1. Real Estate – Land-lording / Investing
    1. Commercial and/or Residential
      1. Property appreciates while producing passive income from tenants.
    2. Buying & Managing Tax Deeds
      1. Earn astronomical amounts of interest guaranteed by local governments.
      2. Tax Deed Foreclosure – ability to acquire property for pennies.
    3. Buying & Managing Municipal Bonds
      1. Guaranteed interest.
    4. Owning Whole Life Insurance Policy and/or Managing Multiple Policies
      1. Solely using the Infinite Banking Concept with an IBC Practitioner Insurance specialist – because it can’t be with just “any” insurance company.
        1. The insurance company manages the investments and watches over their growth by minimizing pitfalls and/or taking advantage of positive trends. Use your policy or multiple policies for purchasing power to build assets without using the usual debt based bank loans.
    5. Owning Stocks that Pay Dividends
      1. You can use a Sharebuilder account (now owned by Capital One) where you invest a set amount each month which then purchases whatever stock you have chosen for your automated investment plan. For example: you can invest $25 per month, every month, and set it up to automatically invest in a Dividend Paying stock. You can also set it up where the Dividends keep re-investing in the same stock, so it is continually growing. This is very similar the to Whole Life Ins. Policy with one exception: you’re on your own, so choose wisely.
  2. Writer
    1. Blogger
      1. Affiliate Marketer – write articles, reviews, and content once to generate recurring income.
      2. Google AdSense – sell ads on popular site generates recurring income.
    2. Author / books and eBooks
      1. Books are published once and can generate recurring income.
  3. Photographer
    1. Sell pictures to print or digital magazines.
      1. Sell licensing rights to digital download sites for recurring income.
    2. Design & Sell your art or photos through sites like Cafe Press, Etsy, or
  4. Insurance Sales or Recurring Product Sales
    1. Obtain your Insurance License through your state. Sell Life, Auto, Homeowners or Accident policies to generate recurring income from clients who need insurance.
    2. Direct Sales of products needing refills, or parts on an ongoing basis from your clients.
  5. Web / Software Developer & Hosting Service Provider
    1. Create customized software, host it, maintain it for recurring income.
    2. Create web-site templates and/or WordPress Themes or Plug-ins to generate sales and recurring income.
    3. Create a membership or subscription site to generate sales and recurring income.

Why Did I Choose These 5?Why these 5?

In keeping with the major theme of this blog, all five have one major benefit in common.

All will produce “Recurring – Passive – Income” after the initial effort is completed.

As Trump says:

“If you’re going to think anyway, think BIG!”

After all, this whole site is about helping you build passive income and wealth. You will not build any passive income and certainly not wealth if your efforts are not focused on generating “additional” cash from your initial effort. This is why you will never “get rich” working at a “J.O.B” where you work and only get paid for the work done – once. You will never get rich working at one thing and then spending the money you earn. You must invest in “something” that will either generate more money or “grow” your money – guaranteed.

These are things they never taught you in school, but that is the basic knowledge that wealthy people have learned. Here’s the Bottom Line: Make your one time effort WORK FOR YOU, and you will never go wrong!

To Your Wealth!

Ms Money Honey USA



P.S. For those who do wish to pursue a “work at home” job, at least for a little while, you can download my research report with resources and active links by clicking this link:
Best Work At Home Jobs: Research Sources & Links Report
. It will help save you some research time and it identifies the jobs and provides information along with actual companies who are looking for people who wish to work at home. – Enjoy!