The Infinite Banking Concept Strategy

InsuranceThe “Infinite Banking Concept” strategy is one that I believe in and advocate. So much so, in fact, that I studied and obtained my Massachusetts Insurance License as soon as I could to help spread the word. It is a strategy that people can implement with the help of “Infinite Banking Concept Practitioners.” And, while I’m not an official “practitioner” yet, I am affiliated with a group of people in Arizona who are approved practitioners. In fact, we have quite a few spread throughout the U.S.

As mentioned, I am currently Licensed in Massachusetts, but if you’re in another part of the country and wish to speak with a practitioner in your state, you may still contact me. I can put you in touch with other licensed, and approved, IBC Practitioners in your state who can, and will, help you turn your liabilities into assets, build cash values, and help you live life with the financial freedom you are seeking.

I cannot wait to share more information about this strategy with you. You are going to wonder why “they” don’t teach this stuff in schools. You’re going to wonder why you’ve never heard of it before, and you’re going to wonder why there are those who continue to misinform and do not wish you to learn more about this strategy. In fact, I hear the banking industry is not too happy with this whole concept, and I’d like to help you learn why.

There will definitely be more information about this strategy, who created it, and why it is in your best interest to learn more about it. In fact, the best place to be introduced to the Infinite Banking Concept is through the founder himself, Nelson Nash. His books explain everything about the benefits of owning a Cash Value Whole Life Insurance Policy with the right company, and below, you’ll find direct links to some of his books currently listed on Amazon.