Building Passive Income Online or Offline

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If you are just sick and tired of the rat race, buying and watching “How To Achieve Success” videos, dealing with all the “up-sells,” working like a dog with overtime, working two or even three jobs, just barely making ends meet, and you are searching for information about building passive income, whether it be online or off, this site is for you! Even better, it’s free – like “no charge” free.

Some of the topics we will be discussing include: affiliate marketing, real estate, investments, tax liens, reviews of finance books and articles, and, my favorite, the “Infinite Banking Concept” strategy founded by Nelson Nash. The information provided herein is open for discussion, and you’re invited to participate. Ask questions, offer opinions, offer critiques, offer strategies, success stories, and even failures. This is my way of helping people learn about building passive income and building long-term wealth during their lifetime – while they are young enough to enjoy it.

Debt Is NOT Good!

This is my way of rebelling against the system that continues to teach people that debt is good, and to live their lives in a debt based economy. This is my way of helping those who have lost their jobs, suffered major financial set-backs, or have even lost their homes through foreclosure. This is my way of helping to right the wrong, clear up misconceptions, and it is my hope that this site and the information provided will truly help people turn their lives around – financially speaking.

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket! If you listen to the likes of Warren Buffet, and other wealthy advisors, they will tell you that it is absolutely necessary to have multiple streams of income. That sentiment could not be truer. Multiple streams of income, passive or otherwise, helps to minimize any negative effects from, say, a negative news item which, in turn, affects stock prices; a “downturn” in the economy; a major company lay-off; or worse, a company going bankrupt and closing its doors for good – which could be yours! It’s basically a blog site about the age old saying “Don’t put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket,” and here’s why…

The “New” Gold Rush

If, by chance, you’re wondering what took me so long to start this blog. Well, like you, I searched too. I’ve come across, purchased, viewed, and reviewed, numerous software programs, e-books, CD’s, podcasts, You Tube videos, and my all time favorite – sitting through, sometimes mind numbing, “webinars” to achieve that immediate “financial success,” and the freedom that goes along with it, that we’re all seeking. And now, I’m here to tell you – enough!

Now, I want results – Damn it! I’m not spending one more dime until I have thoroughly researched the product or service. Not one more dime unless I’m comfortable with the reviews. Not one more dime until I know what the product entails, and if there is a money-back guarantee. Not one more dime until I’ve read honest reviews from someone I can trust. But, that seems to be the problem. Who can I trust?

Building Passive IncomeTrust is earned.

While there will be affiliate links and/or ads eventually placed on this site, you are not required to click on them to access the information, but, even if you did, they don’t cost you a dime. You’re my reader, and I’m here to try to earn your trust. I’m also here to tell you that success is not “immediate.” Unless you’re in the right place, and the right time (Bill Gates), and you don’t have a rich heir who is ready to leave you with their piles of cash, financial success and the freedom it allows is not always easy to achieve nor is it immediate under average conditions. Building passive income does take time and sometimes money – in the beginning. It takes a while to “ramp it up” to the point that the vehicle you have chosen for your passive income will need less and less ongoing maintenance – hence the term “passive” income.

Variety Is The Spice of Life!

There are a variety of ways to build passive income. There are also ways to turn liabilities into assets and build long-lasting true wealth allowing you to live life on your terms. Imagine living life fully, while you’re young enough to enjoy it, NOT worrying about money ever again, and even leaving a legacy to your children when you’re no longer among us. Isn’t that the “Financial Success” you’re trying to achieve? Well, that’s what this site is all about. So, consider yourself invited to read, learn, participate, share, and enjoy various passive income streams and wealth strategies. Here’s to Building Passive Income & Wealth! Here’s to Your Financial Success!