Kickidler Review

Kickidler is a cross-platform employee monitoring solution for small, large, and remote businesses alike. With powerful tools like online monitoring, time tracking, and automatic notifications, you can seamlessly automate information security and increase business efficiency with ease.  What makes Kickidler so significant to the industry is its features. It offers multiple view monitoring systems, compressedContinue reading

Mentionlytics Review

Mentionlytics is an intuitive social media monitoring tool that lets you keep track of brand and product mentions across web and social media sources—even when you aren’t tagged. It’s the go-to solution for agencies, individuals, and businesses, regardless of their size, wanting to listen, analyze, and report every social mention about their brand and/or competitors.Continue reading

JumpStory Review

JumpStory is a visual platform that provides access to millions of images, videos, and illustrations.  Users receive unlimited access to quality photos, specifically high-performing and authentic images, instead of the more noticeable stock images found elsewhere.  The platform includes a powerful and exclusive AI search tool that scans pages and finds the relevant pictures automaticallyContinue reading

VoiceSage Review

VoiceSage is a cloud communication platform offering a variety of different ways for businesses to communicate. The Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) solution helps contact centers with inbound calls, with additional capabilities including text-to-speech, voice recording, and transcriptions. The VoiceSage Console itself features practical messaging tools for both SMS and email and comes with a drag-and-dropContinue reading

The Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Business Ideas

20% of US adults, around 46 million people, say they would make a purchase with cryptocurrency.  While many ideas for crypto businesses center on creating, exchanging, or brokering different digital currencies, it’s possible to build a crypto business in any niche. Household names like QuickBooks, Shopify, Visa, and MasterCard are making it easy for shoppersContinue reading

How to Start an LLC in Wyoming

Wyoming offers tons of benefits and has business-friendly laws to attract budding entrepreneurs, especially those wanting to reduce their tax liability. The procedure to start an LLC in Wyoming doesn’t deviate much from the standard process used in the other states. But there are a few considerations you must keep in mind. This Quick SproutContinue reading

How to Start an LLC in Delaware

Delaware is a popular state for entrepreneurs wanting to start an LLC. It has predictable, business-friendly laws and an affordable and easy LLC formation process. But before you start an LLC in Delaware, you must fulfill some unique requirements. Registering with the division of corporations, paying the required fees, meeting all naming information prerequisites… there’sContinue reading