Performance Management Best Practices Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Performance management is a term usually used to refer to the process of making sure that employees, activities, and/or outputs in an organization meet their goals.  It involves things like evaluating employee performance and targets, as well as supporting employee growth and improving employee experience. Good performance management should focus on both company goals andContinue reading

How To Start an Employee Resource Group in 8 Simple Steps

Diversity is becoming a central conversation in the workplace, so employee resource groups are increasingly important. These groups create a safe space for employees from different genders, races, ages, and cultures to come together and raise awareness about their experiences. They also give people an opportunity to share any issues they are facing, both inContinue reading

Employee Monitoring Policies Starter Guide: Learn the Basics

Employee monitoring is a tricky topic. From questions of ethics and legality to whether or not employee monitoring is beneficial, there’s a lot to unpack. If you’re considering implementing tools to track your employees’ productivity and safety at work, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you why you need an employeeContinue reading

Oasis PEO Review

Outsourcing payroll or using multiple software to manage human resources isn’t always enough to efficiently handle all your administrative tasks. That’s where PEO (professional employer organization) service providers come in. In the past few years, outsourcing several managerial and administrative functions to trusted PEOs has become quite common. Oasis PEO is one of the manyContinue reading

Square Payroll Review

Square has been a leader in digital payment services for years, helping online and brick-and-mortar businesses collect payments, access funds, and create rewarding loyalty programs.  Square Payroll provides convenient payroll and tax services, adding to Square’s all-in-one merchant-focused solution. Small businesses, especially, can benefit from using a payroll service like Square Payroll to pay theirContinue reading