The Beginners Guide to Payroll Reconciliation

Processing payroll is hardly the most exciting business task, but it is a crucial process nonetheless. For this reason, you need checks and balances to ensure that you process payroll correctly. Payroll reconciliation helps ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time. Furthermore, payroll reconciliation is crucial for tax purposes and compliance. We’ll takeContinue reading

Best CRM for WordPress

The best customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow you to move customers down your pipeline with ease. A CRM manages it all from a contact form sign-up to live chats that transition a lead to a paying customer. Some CRMs integrate perfectly with a WordPress site, making nurturing customer relationships through your site an evenContinue reading

Salesforce Review

Salesforce is one of those rare jacks-of-all-trades that actually masters everything. There’s a lot you can do in a single platform for every facet of customer relationship management (CRM): sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT. And it’s not just multifaceted—it’s highly customizable and built with best-in-class technology. That said, depending on your company’s size andContinue reading

Google Hangouts Review

Google Hangouts is a free-to-use conference call service I recommend. It’s one of the most straightforward call services to set up and takes minutes to get started with—all users need is a Gmail account, which is effectively most people. On the other hand, it doesn’t provide free users with any form of customer support, andContinue reading

Webex Review

Webex is a feature-rich video conferencing solution that lets you take your online meetings to new heights. It’s accessible, as you can start using it for free today with fullscreen video options for any device. While yes, there are widely known solutions out there like Zoom, Webex ensures your online calling, messaging, and meetings happenContinue reading

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you everything an enterprise business needs when it comes to customer relationship management software. It has excellent marketing and analytics features, though it lacks some of the basics. This software is made for people who already know Microsoft and don’t mind spending the extra time to get to know the platform.Continue reading

How to Build a Sales Dashboard

Sales dashboards are visual representations of your sales data. In theory, sales metrics are relatively straightforward—reps are either selling or they’re not. But as a sales manager or executive, you know that sales is actually much more complex than this. Businesses rely on data for strategic decision-making, and sales data is arguably the most important.Continue reading