1. These days you have so many options for creating passive income online. Trouble is, people expect it to be a matter of signing up, and money should flow.

    It takes work to build it up, but once that ground work is laid, you’ll be rewarded greatly for your efforts. You’ve cleared up a number of things here in this post, and have offered some great examples, great post.

    Best wishes.

  2. I’ve always been a big proponent of building multiple streams of income.
    By diversifying, if you will, your income you are much more secure than if you rely on just one source. You made excellent points here.

    • Hi Ivan. It isn’t about URL’s anyway. Don’t confuse residual income with that Internet get rich stuff – very different. Most of the income streams I use, do not require me having a website.Here are some of the areas I am involved in:I have many income streams, from companies who pay me annual licenses to use my work within their business. This is not only my largest residual income stream, it’s also my largest income stream by far!I have another income stream, from the audio program on this site (see link in top menu bar.) That program alone has earned me more than the value of my house, since I invested a day of my time recording it, 4 years ago!I have various affiliate incomes, such as the Headway banner you see on the right hand side of this page.I have several advertisers on my other blogs, such as those you see here on http:thetechnewsblog.com who pay to advertise there. I don’t sell advertising there, people buy it (BIG difference)I also have several income streams from other people’s audio programs, which I helped them author. I wrote the work once, then each time a sale is made by them, I get a percentage.I own some land, which I bought 8 years ago and now rent to a farmer. The land is almost paid for and income from 2012 onward will be largely profit.I hope those give you a taste of what I mean.

      • Yes – Great Job Maria! Multiple streams of income from a variety of sources! That way, you lower your risk of anything negative happening in any one industry. And, yes, I see you own land as well! Good Job! Thanks for the visit!

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