1. Hi Ms. MoneyHoney,

    I have personally been a member at Global Moneyline since October 2016 and have now in honor of GML’s 2nd anniversary written an updated review.

    I am a Diamond Member, I have also personally referred over 1,900 Friends and am ranked in the Top 10 of referrers at GML among over 300,000 members.

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have seen you there, are you still a member at WA my Friend?

    I have many referrals to WA, IBOsocial, Social Media Traffic Exchange and other legitimate sites that I share on Global Moneyline.

    I welcome you to take a look at my updated review of global Moneyline anytime and see by your banner on the right side here at your website that you do also still promote GML.

    Talk with you soon Ms. Money Honey,


    • Hi Tony! How are you? Nice to hear from you, and thank you for your input and the opportunity to review your latest post on GML. I will look it over when I get a chance. In the meantime, yes, GML can be good for some, and yes, I do passively promote it as well. As for WA, yes, absolutely I’m still a member! And, I promote that as well. (Click here to Visit MMH Page at WA) You haven’t seen me lately because I’ve been busy with personal stuff… trying to sell the family home in Taxachu… oops.. I mean Massachusetts and move to a warmer climate, etc. So, yes, I’ve been a bit sidetracked. But, as Ahnaaald” always says… “Ahl be baaaahck!” 🙂 Thanks again for your updated post link – I’ll check it out soon – I promise!

  2. I agree that the marketing is deceptive and the platform was difficult to learn but I hanged in there and realized that the additional benefit apart from earning on MoneyLine itself is the actual leads you refer to the platform. They can be exported and transferred to your email list for your own marketing purposes.. For some reason prospects usually get lost on the platform and forget to educate them self on how MoneyLine works. I am from South Africa and usually send prospects to my short video of MoneyLine on youtube as a crash course on how the platform works and it usually yields excellent results in securing prospects.The downline list in the moneyline is not effective as the prospects list you are building the advantage is you are getting paid for building a list.

    • I understand, but again, I’m talking about the difference between the play on words and how you actually build a list. If you read my article, there is a difference in automatically building a list that goes directly to you vs building their moneyline automatically. Yes, you can obtain email addresses with more work – lots of more work. This is why my sub-title is “what it is, and what it isn’t.”

    • msgora

      Dear Friend ,
      I have got 29463 new joinees below me, but surprising I didn’t get even my invested money back….means its just a scam ????

      • Well, I’m sorry to hear that you’re another one who’s not to happy with Moneyline. As mentioned, it is a way to build a list, but not automatically “your” list. That’s the difference. Thank you for your input!

  3. Julia

    Hey, i was just wondering, as a bronze member, dont you get profit after the third member that joins in (as bronze member) under you, or how does that work? Im still a free member, but am doing my research to figure out how that works exactly before i decide to upgrade.

    • Hi Julia,
      Sorry for the delay. I am totally distracted with getting ready for an online auction with the goal of moving… So, I apologize. As for the Bronze membership, I vaguely remember something about being paid – but – and it’s a BIG BUT, I have no idea how long their “cookie” tags the person who brought them there. There are things this site does not tell you, and that’s one of them. If you, as a bronze member, brings someone and they bring someone… I don’t know. Is the “tag” still good indefinitely? That is the question.

      As mentioned in my post, I went and joined for Bronze, but no, I will not pay them more. So, while there are many members who are happy, there are downsides as well, and you are very smart to do your research. If you have lots of time, yes, you can begin to contact those members to ask for email addresses, but my main concern was that they promote their services as email building. It is not. You have much more work to do to obtain actual email addresses by asking those people who do respond for their email addresses in order to add them to “your list.”

      In any case, thank you for your query, your visit, and I wish you well!

  4. You got to think out of the box with this site.

    I’m doing GREAT with it. Just be clever guys.
    This is is a goldmine!
    I can’t reveal what i’m doing here but geeeeee


    Nothing beats this one this year for lead generation. Well at least for me. Quality leads that is.

    Anyways, it’s your call guys

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you, but I still stand by what I wrote. Please see my response to Linda on December 15, 2016 below.

      For you, I see that you are promoting a MLM site, and yes, I can understand why you would like Global MoneyLine. All I’m stating is that I don’t appreciate how GML blurs the lines between this “one-line” email method vs. actual list building. And, while I’m at it, many people have similar views with MLM sites. While, yes, MLM is a valid way to earn money, many people simply don’t make it. They are sucked into the concept with the promises of making lots of money without really realizing how it all works and what needs to be done. MLM is not easy, and you constantly have to recruit people under you – and then there’s the added pressure of high turnover rates among recruits. So, as mentioned, I’m only trying to help educate people before getting involved with time, effort, and hard-earned money.

      Thank you for stopping by!

      • Hi, Well, I’m not, and that was the reason for my post. In order to make money from something like this where they are claiming they are building your list, is deceiving. Yes, it can be done, but considering the time spent to go through the motions is really just too much for me. It is very time-consuming. There is no automatic list being built for you – like they would have you believe. You have to manually contact each person in hopes of getting a response and an email address. And, for me, that is just too costly in terms of time. There are other opportunities. Therefore, my post was meant for people to weigh the “opportunity cost” of doing what was best with their time. And, for me, it was just too great. I also don’t like it when companies deceive people… which was another reason for my post. Newbies have heard about “building your list,” and they are likely drawn in because MoneyLine is playing on that phrase without fully explaining that there is a difference.
        Thanks for your inquiry, and I hope I’ve answered your question.

        • Hello MsMoneyHoney,

          I have read through the replies both pro and con’s.

          As a product of the product I joined Global Moneyline the same week you did along with my downline. In fact I coached my downline on what to do to be successful with Global MoneyLine.

          I didn’t stay a free member for long because it was a no brainer for me. Twenty dollars is a small price to pay when I have watched people waste money in the lotto line and scratch off machines. That requires work to. Feed your money to a machine or cashier with no return on your investment.A person will at a drop $20 at a fastfood restaurant and not blink or think to much about it.

          Yes, my downline and I are still making money. I got referrals, and email addresses from the list of thousands and some joined my opportunities.

          For those who are complaining about the work involved. I don’t care where you go you have to work. There is no online opportunity that I know about where you don’t have to work or some amount of revenue is not involved.

          When you punch a clock. sign a timesheet or key in your employee number at a terminal you have to work.

          Also, you have to be willing to invest in yourself and your business with training. Those who have been trained in marketing and sales are having the success. Anything you do requires training and work.

          • Yes, absolutely, there’s no getting away from doing some work. I agree! It’s just not what they initially tell you, that’s all. And, I like to make sure people know what they’re getting into. Thanks for your input – much appreciated!

  5. Alberto

    A total Scam , they refer you to a site name 1weektowealth and when u join they ask you too open a second GML account so u can join 1weektowealth, they request you to upgrade to bronze, then silver, then gold, and in the final to upgrade to platinum they change you sponsor name and request to open a new account to join 1weektowealth and this time they change the name u have to join under franktrueblood, if u refuse to repeat the process they deny you to join, and then they refer you to pay the platinum upgrade using a cmmer pocessor. Do not fall for it, I lost 150.00 for silver and gold upgrade, fortunately I did not go for the 250.00 upgrade. I realize this is scam, besides when u send your business offer to the list rarely other reply to your offer, everybody want to advertise they business not to join your business

    • I agree! They are making money off of the subscriptions without providing any real benefit. As mentioned in my post, they are blurring the line of building an actual email list vs. their “one-line” list which only benefits them. Thanks for your visit and your input!

    • Alberto, I am not sure who your upline is. But your upline is the one scamming you. Global MoneyLine has nothing to do with that. Global MoneyLines position is that once a person buys a subscription how they handle their business is how they handle their business. That is the explanation I got when I contacted support.

      Yes, after joining Global Moneyline I was contacted by someone within the Global MoneyLine promoting a system similar to what you described and after a series of clicking through links. I saw it was an endless funnel of upsells. Never invested a dime in that opportunity.

      Global MoneyLine is free to join and then you pay $20 for the bronze and that is it. If you choose to go further then that is your choice..

      • Interesting. So, again, those who do wish to continue do need to be careful when responding to others who are now contacting them. And, that’s yet another reason why I didn’t progress. Yes, to each his/her own. And, if you do choose to go forward with Global MoneyLine, you do need to be careful about promotions and upsells until you learn who’s who and what’s what. Thanks for your input!

  6. Shawn Sproul

    If you actual use the tool and communicate with your UPLINE and DOWNLINE, and ask them for their email address, or post your own, they will email you. Now you have their email address!

    I have been building a large mailing list with GML!

    I love it.

    • Hello Shawn,
      Sorry, but I still disagree and stand by my thoughts as explained below in my response to Linda. This is NOT list building, it’s a play on words and it is not being totally honest with newbie users. So, although people may still join GML and still make use of it, as you said, people really do need to understand that they are not automatically building their list. Once again, I have explained this nuance in both my post as well as my response, below. But, thank you for your visit just the same.

  7. LInda

    Hi, MMH, I too have joined Global Money Line and am a bronze member. I just wanted to let you know that you can indeed have access to the email addresses and send other offers to your people you have already contacted. You can send your MoneyLine any offer you decide to. Go to the sidebar, Genealogy-Your Prospects-Click On A Name-The Email Address Will Be At The Top Of The Message Chats Box. You are building a great email list. It is yours to do what you choose to do with it! I didn’t want you to miss your full opportunity of Global Money Line. I have done very well with it.
    With Kind Regards,

    • Hi Linda,
      Well, thank you for your input, but I do want to address the nuance – for my readers.

      While, yes, you can go to the “Genealogy” section, and yes, you can click on a person’s name who signed up using your link in order to obtain his/her email address. That’s great, but that is NOT list building. As a MoneyLine member, I am not automatically given ALL those emails addresses who have signed up after me in any type of “list format.” The only emails I receive, or have access to, are those who joined using my links or those who wish to contact me via the chat box, and they are provided one by one in that chat box. Further, MoneyLine members are not provided email addresses of those in the “downline” (new members who are joining MoneyLine after you) either. You are only given access to members in the chat box. This not the traditional way to build a list. In fact, far from it.

      In order to build an automated email list, you need to have an account with an auto responder service provider. I’m using SendLane, and here is my “Biz Opps” Page: The Money is in The List! I have people joining my list, and my auto-responder emails, which are already set up in my account, are automatically sent out when scheduled. In addition, I can send out any additional emails whenever I choose to that same list over and over again – the whole list all at once. There is nothing to type in, transfer, or go to any type of chat box or special email account to view the email addresses to send them something one by one. I can also download my whole list into a csv file and transfer my whole list to another auto-responder if I so choose.

      The stark differences are clear. Using Moneyline, in order to contact ONLY those who joined under your link or those who wish to contact you via chat, using their email addresses, you’d have to send them emails one by one via the chat box or your regular email account. You’d then have to input these same email addresses, one by one, into your auto-responder account in order to continue to contact them – not to mention that your auto-responder doesn’t have the recipient’s permission. This is time consuming and costly. MoneyLine is not automatically building “YOUR” email list, and it’s certainly not an auto-responder email list. These are two entirely different things. MoneyLine is building “THEIR” list. It is MoneyLine’s administrator who is the only one who has complete and full access to the entire MoneyLine list. Further, MoneyLine members are not given the email addresses of the downline. There is no server space provided to you to accommodate your list, and there is no “list” provided in any type of file format to it’s members – even paying members.

      MoneyLine, in my opinion, is a major Virtual MLM company, and hey, many people don’t have a problem with MLM’s. The more members you get to join from your efforts, the more money you make, but let’s be clear. You are building THEIR list – not yours. (For those who may want to learn more, here’s the Moneyline Video.)

      With all that stated, yes, members can make it “work” for them. Many people won’t have a problem with how it works, and they may like it very much. “Free” is good, or they can pay the one time Bronze membership for $20. – no biggie. They may even consider paying the annual fees if they like it. They can work the MoneyLine system, and contact as many people as they can in order to obtain email addresses one by one. That’s all well and fine, but I just wanted to clarify – especially for newbies – who may not be aware that there are other ways, easier ways, to actually “build YOUR list,” an actual list that will produce passive income over time.

      Thank you for your time and your input – It is MUCH Appreciated!

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