1. Neaks6319

    Thanks Mmh, I have learned alot through your content, among Amazon & scammers. I will visit again and again..

  2. I am an Amazon Affiliate Associate, so I appreciate the added info about how to make money with them. For the general reader, I believe the content provided will be very helpful.

    Keep up the good work at WA.

    • Thank you Allen. Yes, many people have joined the Amazon Affiliate program. I especially like them because they service their own ads (change prices, availability, etc.), and I don’t have to update each and every one of them. I place the ads one time, when I write the article, so, their program is actually very convenient. It fits the passive income methodology that I advocate throughout my site. Thanks for your input and your visit – I appreciate it!

  3. Hey MMH,
    Thanks for the information on Amazon. I had no idea there were so many ways to make money with them. I’m just always been a consumer!LOL

    Are you an Amazon FBA? Is it a difficult thing to get into?



    • Hi Cherie, No, but I’m definitely looking into it as soon as I can! Yes, it’s a bit more work, but now that I’m comfortable and have my blog up and running, I may be able to spend some time on that as well. The only problem with that whole concept, however, is when you find items at wholesale, there is an initial cash outlay. So, depending on the item and the cost, that’s a consideration. I’ve spent so much money on products and learning things online, that I want to make sure whatever I do now pays for itself first, and then pays for anything else I’d like to try – such as Amazon FBA. But, it’s definitely on the back-burner, and I will definitely invest in some inventory in the future. My research shows that there are people who are earning large profits using Amazon FBA for sure… And, what can I say – I like money! 🙂

      If I get into it, I’ll probably blog about it here to explain the process, what I did, how I did it, etc. So, please check back!
      Thank you for your visit, and Happy New Year!

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