1. Another bit of info. I tried clicking on your site link on MsMoneyHoney Facebook page. I got an error message that you link was blocked. I sent a note saying I had already talked to on another site. So you might check in awhile to see if it is still blocked.

  2. I tried for 15 plus minutes to delete the account I had forgotten I signed up for during traffic exchanging so I could sign up via your link. Wasn’t doable. I look forward to additional bus. opps from you.

    Thanks again for your awesome help.

    • Well, that’s interesting… I wasn’t sure how that worked for those who may have joined then, tried to leave. So, I guess you are forever assigned to someone who may or may not have helped you… That’s interesting, and good to know. As for me, thank you for trying! I appreciate it! ..and “you’re welcome!” See you around!

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