• Thank you for your compliment! I will also check out your site as well! Oh, and, sorry for the delay… had trouble getting my new system up and running. …Onward!

  1. Penelope

    I know, and so why exactly do we have insurance? After the monthly charge, the deductible and depreciation, we might as well be throwing our money into the toilet.
    People need many jobs today to keep up with bills. I think Passive income is a very good idea. You don’t pay them the interest, they pay you. For homeowner’s insurance, there shouldn’t be deductibles when your paying a monthly charge.

    • The extra insurances being sold today are based on fear. The insurance companies play on this fear, and they purposely don’t really explain that the amount paid out will be reduced because of depreciation. If they did, many people would realize what a trap this is! People are wasting money! The sooner they realize this fact, the sooner they can divert the very same (found) money into a good IBC policy and build wealth for themselves rather than enriching others. Thank you for your input – it is appreciated!

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