1. I want to start by thanking you for this article. The amount of care you put into the background really shines through. I can’t believe you have pics of that old computer. You’re right about those scams too. It seems a lot of times they write their own reviews. Products that give you a trial seem to be a bit safer. Anyway, thanks again. Think I’ll be checking out that report you offer. Geoff.

  2. These are changing times and we have come a long way.Every time I do my Blog, I think about the time when there were no T.V.’s.
    I find you to be an excellent source to start an on line business and I for one appreciate the info you have provided.

    • lol.. It’s really amazing how technology has changed! There was a long pause between the advent of tv’s, but now with computers, it seems there’s a new company or product popping up every week! It’s truly amazing… Next, I heard about “driver-less cars.” …Now, that is not something I will be interested in – thank you. 🙂 Thanks for your visit!

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