1. I have personally purchased this website many years ago as well, and as said above, you do have to put the work in, and I am struggling to make a profit, I have my website up and over many sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and I have also made some natural contacts. It’s a system where you have to put the work in, and I knew what I was working with so I was not surprised when I was struggling with this but I am making my way through the Do’s and DONT’s of this market. All in all I would give this a neutral review also. You have to spend money to make money right?

    • Well, not all the time, no. There are many ways to earn money without paying a dime. Case in point: Wealthy Affiliate. We do have members who remained using the free sub-domains provided, and yes, they have earned money. In addition, I have listed a few more “freebie” websites that can generate cash. Just go over to the “Categories” menu, and check that out to learn more.

      As for My Vegas Business, one major flaw that I notice is that after those who trip over your site and make the initial contact and inquiry, it’s now up to the staff at “My Vegas Business” to actually make the sale. While, yes, it is a “numbers game,” that is a major part of the whole transaction that is NOT under your control. In this business model, you now have to trust their staff to 1) be ethical and not try to steal “your” sale, and 2) put forth enough of a sincere effort to actually make the sale.

      Years ago, I owned a site that had rights to resell domains (under the GoDaddy business). After a long while of paying the yearly fee “for the privilege” of selling white label domains under my business name, I became very suspicious after going to a “clean” browser, typing in my storefront domain name, and seeing another site come up …someone – else’s – site. This happened on a few occasions. So, of course I called in to complain, accuse, etc. They assured me that it was “impossible,” and that it must have been “some sort of glitch.” …yea right… After I was watching the traffic, and knowing that I actually HAD traffic, but ZERO Sales, I decided I should no longer pay for that privilege of being ripped off. It became obvious to me that someone was forwarding my domain, and would switch back if and when I called in to complain. I made ZERO – NOTHING – NADA sales.

      Although yes, it’s a number’s game, I haven’t yet made one thin dime on MVB either. While, yes, it’s true that I haven’t put a dime into advertising for MVB, it’s hard for me to believe that after this long, and after receiving some text messages about inquiries, etc., I still haven’t made one sale. Yes, I find this suspicious. The only difference between this opportunity and the Wild Wild West Domains opportunity is that I had access to traffic numbers on the latter. I have no idea what kind of traffic my MVB page is getting… and yes, that’s another problem as well. The way this is all set up makes it harder to capture “natural” traffic to your particular page within their many pages of same content. …The only way to really get traffic to this page is that it would have to be paid traffic, as I’m pretty sure, natural traffic is just not happening. Your “specific page” is buried too deep, it has duplicate content, and you have no access to traffic numbers. So, for me, anyway, I will not pay for advertising if and when I cannot gauge how effective my ad money may be AND the fact that one major aspect is not within my control… So, that is why my page is just floating “out there” by itself.

      If and when I do have time to actually drive traffic to MVB page, it will be linked to an actual domain that is capturing natural traffic. And, while I’m thinking about it, I should go and grab that sub-domain that is similar to my actual site name “LasVegasDealsDirect.com.” I do own another similar domain, but for now, I’ll use the Wealthy Affiliate freebie. At least this way, I can also throw some Google Ads on there to generate some money, AND I can view the actual traffic using Google Analytics. I may even throw some Amazon links on there to promote travel related gear… … Hey.. I’m on a roll now! 🙂 Gotta Go! And, Thank You for your Visit! 🙂
      Update: Check it out: LasVegasDealsDirect.SiteRubix.com And, yes, it’s a Wealthy Affiliate Free Site! 🙂

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