1. This site is SO informative! A little too much if you ask me, but that’s becuase I dont know squat about this stuff! May need to re read again 🙂 and take some notes lol

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Hi Matt! But, that’s why I wrote it!!! 🙂 I know many people don’t “know squat,” but they better begin to learn, that’s for sure. I can’t believe there are so many hackers out there, and the problem is worldwide! You may have virus’ on your system right now! So, you really do have to learn, at least enough to understand that you need virus protection software and MalwareBytes. They both helped me and cleaned off my system. Tomorrow, I’ll be picking up my new pc, and the first downloads will be my McAfee software and MalwareBytes – for sure!
      Thanks for your visit – and thanks for the comment! It is appreciated!

  2. Penelope

    This information is so needed. Most don’t know what to do when our computers are infected. This gives us a better understanding as what we can do. Thank you for that.

    • Yes, I agree. Many people don’t know what these things can do or what information they can obtain from their computers. People need to know – that is why I wrote this article! If people really want to build a residual income through writing or photography, they need a good computer AND some good Anti-Malware software! Thank you for your input and your visit today! I appreciate it!

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