1. Tom

    Have spent the last year learning how to market my little carpet cleaning business online. A while back I started to realize that I needed to build my online presence in my town to compete in the future. I got my site built pretty easily and it looks great. It’s here Paso Robles Carpet Cleaning and now I’m learning the things I gotta do to help it appear on Google search results. Nowadays you just have to have a website. Even for something like carpet cleaning.

    • Hi Tom,
      Yes, it is much easier than people think. Many people think they need to hire an outside firm, but that is not the case. Not anymore anyway. Small business owners would be wise to get their site up, and, with the help of the members of Wealthy Affiliate, they can do this for much less cost too. Business owners can design their site, get it hosted, and get help whenever they need it – all for just $49 a month. It’s really a no-brainer. Thank you or your visit!

  2. Robert Prescott

    It is amazing at how simple it is nowadays to build a website, and without having to program it. Using that Wealthy Affiliate website builder you provided a video link to was amazing!

    Now anyone regardless of educational background or even if they are not tech savvy, can build a website and even create their own online business. That is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this information! It has opened my eyes to something new that I am sure will help others to see the benefit in this as well.

    • Thank you Robert – Yes, it is pretty amazing! WordPress has made it incredibly easy for anyone to build a website. I do invite you to check out more of my links and pages, and please let me know if you have any questions on how to get started. I look forward to hearing from you again, and Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dean

    Sounds like a great way to get started with an online business for free that actually gives you a website and training.

    • Hi Dean – Thank you for your visit! Yes, people can start for free, and they can remain free if they so choose. They don’t have to become premium members. I have seen other members blog posts sharing their ability to earn money even from the SiteRubix sites. So, yes, even the two free sites can earn people money! Again, thank you for your visit!

  4. Very thorough article on this subject. It cleared up some questions I had. And Wealthy Affiliate looks like nothing less than awesome! Definitely going there. See you on the inside!

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