My April 2017 Monthly Income Report

Welcome to my April 2017 Monthly Income Report! As always, I create these reports to share the latest happenings with my online businesses, including the wins, the failures, the lessons learned, and the income generated along the way.

Income Summary

  • Last month: $258,737.45
  • This month: $102,915.99
  • Last 12 months: $1,764,106.36

Expenses Summary

  • Last month: $46,620.36
  • This month: $50,460.77
  • Last 12 months: $474,604.78

Net Profit Summary

  • Last month: $212,117.09
  • This month: $52,455.22
  • Last 12 months: $1,289,501.58

For the complete breakdown of income and expenses, visit the full report here »

Note: Items with an empty difference percentage were not present on the previous month’s income report.

Lessons Learned in April

At the end of April, I had the pleasure of being invited to Tennessee to meet and hang out with Michael Hyatt, his team, and a few other amazing people for a much needed rest and relaxation retreat.

We stayed at a place called Blackberry Farm, and I must say, I’m in love! For three days I spent time in nature in the Smoky Mountains with a little bit of masterminding and business conversation in between, but the best part was that I had a lot of time to myself to reflect. I thought about the amazing journey I’ve had, and I listed out all of the things in my life that I’m grateful for in a journal. I meditated by the lake and also spent a lot of time focusing on where I wanted to take things from here.

Grow every day. That’s something I’ve been trying to do this year, through reading, through reflection, meditation and journaling, but most of all through connecting with other amazing people. I had the honor of being invited to Blackberry Farm here in Tennessee to join @michaelhyatt, @rayedwards, @sallyhogshead and several others to grow personally, professionally and spiritually together. I’ve had an amazing time so far, and will remember this trip for the rest of my life. I also look forward to coming back with my family and team sometime in the future because there are so many amazing new and fun things to do here. It’s our last full day here today, and I look forward to coming back home to San Diego soon a better and more inspired father, husband, leader and learner. Tennessee, you’re pretty special. ?????

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I also spent a lot of time with Michael Hyatt, and that time will never be forgotten. It’s interesting, because every time we hang out, I seem to pull so much inspiration from him. He’s sort of become a virtual mentor of mine.

Back in 2012 when we first met, I learned how much of an effect his team had on his business, and it was from that experience that I finally began to start building a team of my own, which has been life changing.

This time, I got to know him and his family more, some of whom were there. I got inspired to make sure I keep my family a top priority, even as I continue to grow my business and get older in life. It’s obvious how much Michael values his family in his life, and he’s been able to build an incredible business, change the lives of people around the world, and yet still has an amazing relationship with his wife and kids. I admire and am inspired by that, and hope to have the same when I’m older.

It was really fun to hang out with Michael. After we spent a morning fly fishing together, we both decided to go one more time for a full day excursion with a guide. We took an hour drive into the mountains and hiked down a steep hill to be welcomed by some of the most incredible and gorgeous scenery I’ve ever been in. Here’s Michael and me taking a selfie where selfies have probably never been taken before:

Screenshot 2017-05-04 16.04.01

Thank you, Michael, for inviting me to this experience, giving me time to reflect and meditate, and for being my new fly fishing buddy!

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