SPI 260: Undergoing a Website Overhaul with Rocket Code

At this time last year, SmartPassiveIncome.com got a serious facelift. With the help of the amazing team over at RocketCode.io, we revamped the website to make it faster, sleeker, and more searchable, all in pursuit of providing you guys with the best experience possible. In today’s episode, you’ll meet two of the people who made this website overhaul possible: my Design Director, Dustin Tevis, and Project Manager, Corey Hivner.

Dusty and Corey are seasoned experts at crafting websites that both function well and look amazing. That’s no easy feat, either—building a great website requires a big-picture understanding of both design and engineering. That’s why I’ve invited them on the show today: to talk through what a successful website redesign process looks like.

In this episode, you’ll hear Dusty and Corey’s advice for identifying your redesign goals, communicating with designers and developers, managing feedback, and avoiding common pitfalls. You’ll also learn their favorite tools for communicating during a design process, plus a few crucial questions to ask yourself the next time your website needs a makeover.

Ready for a glimpse at the nuts and bolts of overhauling a website like SmartPassiveIncome.com? Listen in!

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Special thanks to Dusty and Corey for joining me this week. Until next time!

You'll Learn

  • A glimpse into our process for the Smart Passive Income website redesign.
  • The importance of seeking expert advice when redesigning your website.
  • Crucial questions to ask yourself when re-thinking your web design.
  • Tips for collaborating with your designer.
  • Mistakes to avoid when working with your web development team.
  • Tips for giving feedback and improving how you communicate with designers.
  • Advice for hiring the right people to work with you on your website.
  • How to filter your audience's feedback on your site design.
  • Dusty and Corey's favorite communication tools, and more!



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