SPI 279: Finding Fringe Hours and Work-Life “Balance” with Jessica Turner

Today’s guest is an expert at finding more hours in the day. No, she hasn’t invented time travel—not yet, anyway. Jessica Turner has mastered the art of maximizing “fringe hours” and making time in our days to do the things we love. In today’s episode, she’s spilling her secrets.

In addition to being an online business owner and bestselling author, Jessica works a full-time job and is a mother of three. She also routinely makes time for herself in her “fringe hours,” those slivers of the day just waiting to be put to use. Jessica explores this time management strategy in her bestselling book, The Fringe Hours, which continues to change the lives of busy professionals and parents like herself.

In this episode, Jessica explores the importance of making time for ourselves and strategies even the busiest entrepreneurs can put to use. You’ll hear her advice for achieving work-life satisfaction (versus work-life “balance”), as well as her tips for busy, beginning bloggers and online business owners.

As a fellow parent and entrepreneur, Jessica’s story really resonates with me, and I’m positive it will resonate with many of you too. If you’re craving a few extra hours in your day (and who isn’t?), tune in to this fantastic conversation—you won’t regret it.

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Special thanks to Jessica for joining me this week. Until next time!

You'll Learn

  • How to unearth extra time in your day to do the things you love.
  • Why so many of us neglect to make time for ourselves.
  • Work-life "satisfaction" versus work-life "balance," and why the distinction matters.
  • Advice for scheduling need-to-do tasks alongside nice-to-do tasks.
  • Why you should consider tracking your time, like you track calories or steps.
  • Managing others' (and your own) expectations of your time.
  • Jessica's personal strategies for time management.
  • Tips for exploring sponsored content and influencer marketing as a revenue stream.
  • Networking strategies for beginning bloggers and online business owners.
  • How Jessica wrote her first book, and more!


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