1. Thanks fort he head up. I won’t use them. I really want to find a reputable company to work with, because I think it can be done.

    • Hi Sam, Yes, It can be done. If you are interested in working online, did you check out my ongoing journal about Wealthy Affiliate? So far, so good! I’ll be posting updates about where I am in the program. I will also be reviewing other programs. So, please check back from time to time. And, thank you for your comment! Your input is much appreciated!

  2. CB Passive Income is actually on of the few less than quality products I have not tried.

    I have done Solo Ads in the past and found them to be useless. It seems like everyone signs up using a “trash” type email address where they let all the solo ads go to and not very many people actually read them. I know I didn’t. If I didn’t, why would other’s read mine?

    Just isn’t logical. I’m not sure why or how Solo Ads as an option to advertise for affiliates is even being discussed in this day and time.

    There are so many more productive ways to drive the appropriate traffic, meaning people who are searching for what you are offering.

    These types of products, are in my mind all about trying to take people’s money. These days, I am more about helping people find what they are looking for and providing it to them.

    Well done article.

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