How to Create Predictably Popular Link Bait Posts

Link building can become a time-consuming process. Sometimes you spend hours exhausting all of your strategies and still fall short of your benchmark target. This can be extremely frustrating. Yet other times, certain pieces of content seem to effortlessly attract links. Before you know it, you might have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of backlinks  [click to continue…]

Build Audience Connections with Content Marketing

You’ve heard the term tossed around a million times. Content marketing. The phrase seems simple enough, but what exactly is it? Content marketing is just what it sounds like. It’s the process of engaging and growing your customer base through high quality content. Content marketing is an investment. It’s part of a larger marketing framework.  [click to continue…]

35 Content Marketing Lessons Learned

Not everyone will have to solve a specific problem for their content marketing, but most companies will. You can often learn methods to make your current or prospective content marketing more effective. The way to achieve this is to study other people who have successfully used content marketing to grow their own or their client’s business. There  [click to continue…]

A Guide on How To Create a Guide That’ll Drive You 361,494 Visitors

Have you noticed a trend of people creating more detailed guides? You know, ones similar to my guides on SEO, growth hacking, content marketing, or landing page optimization that I have released on Quick Sprout? Vero just released a guide on email marketing, and Qualaroo released one on conversion optimization. What you may not know is that although I was the  [click to continue…]

93 Content Marketing Tools You Need to Check Out in 2019

Content marketing is different these days. You used to be able to publish blog posts on just about anything, and you’d get at least some traffic. But now, you won’t get any. Quality content marketing takes a lot of time and effort—there’s just no way around it. But there are, of course, some marketers who accomplish more  [click to continue…]