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Collaborating businesses need a way to exchange electronic business documents securely and automatically. Electronic data interchange (EDI) software solves this problem by allowing partners to digitally exchange documents like invoices, purchase orders, and receipts. 

In addition to electronic document exchange, EDI software can help businesses save time and costs, reduce errors, connect with new partners, and more. To help you find the best EDI solution for your business, we created a list of the top six.

The Top 6 Best EDI Software

  1. Cleo – Best for Logistics, Distribution, and Manufacturing
  2. TrueCommerce – Best for Drop Shippers
  3. DiCentral – Best for Financial Solutions
  4. SPS Commerce – Best for EDI Beginners
  5. Jitterbit – Best for Expert B2B Support
  6. 1 EDI Source – Best for Retail, CPG, and Grocery

Continue reading below for a detailed analysis of each leading EDI software tool. The guide outlines key features and benefits, and it can help you determine which EDI solution fits your business needs.

#1 – Cleo — Best For Logistics, Distribution, and Manufacturing

  • Reduces ACK rejections up to 75%
  • Integrates with digital marketplaces and ecommerce platforms
  • Reveals supply chain insights on invoices and shipments
  • Connects with ERP software
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Cleo identified that subpar EDI integration caused 74% of supply chain companies to lose revenue in 2020. It aims to solve this problem by creating a modern solution that combines EDI software and non-EDI integrations. Cleo focuses on serving companies in industries like transportation and logistics, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, and more. 

The software helps users identify supply chain insights like shipping notices, issues, and message volume. It connects with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to reveal things like orders, PO acknowledgements, shipment notices, and invoices. Users can see when invoices were sent, total amount, and number of items. 

They can also see shipping details like time sent, cost of items, and sender and recipient address. Users can build endpoints connecting core business systems and trading partners with the help of lightweight Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) agents. This lets users edit information like endpoint name, type, partner URL, and inbound, outbound, and advanced settings. 

Cleo users can measure the effectiveness of their EDI integration through insights like first-rate exception management and trading partner score cards. Outbound EDI validation helps users reduce chargebacks, identify missing data, and decrease acknowledgment (ACK) rejections by up to 75%. 

The software integrates with ecommerce platforms and digital marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and Magneto to help users create new operating models. It enhances revenue-generating processes by speeding up load tender and shipping notices and quickly identifies rejected transactions. 

Cleo doesn’t include pricing information on its website, but you can request a free demo before making a purchase.

#2 – TrueCommerce — Best For Drop Shippers

  • Teaches best practices
  • Connects with hundreds of leading retailers
  • Prints shipping labels automatically
  • Sends orders directly to manufacturers
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TrueCommerce is an EDI solution that helps businesses seamlessly exchange business documents with carriers, customers, and suppliers. It is our top pick for drop shippers, but it also has solutions for suppliers, retailers, and ecommerce businesses. TrueCommerce consolidates vendor portals, automates invoices and orders, and provides high-quality customer service. 

TrueCommerce has a unique drop shipping solution that streamlines transactions from manufacturers to customers and saves businesses on handling and inventory expenses. Users can create a fully branded drop shipping business with the software. TrueCommerce sends orders directly to manufacturers, but they appear like they’re coming from the branded business. 

Business owners can connect with hundreds of retailers like Home Depot, Target, and Walmart. They can quickly add trading partners and exchange inventory documents like invoices, advanced shipping notices (ASNs), and purchase orders (POs). TrueCommerce ensures reliable and speedy shipping to customers. 

Its Pack & Ship feature fulfills orders faster and connects entire supply chains. Drop shippers can use TrueCommerce’s global commerce network to connect with third-party logistics (3PLs) and find the lowest shipping rates. To comply with diverse trading partner mandates, users can create multiple shipping processes. 

Users gain access to an intuitive dashboard, role-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), and operational analytics. Shipping labels and packing slips can be printed automatically, and order acknowledgment documents can be sent to retailers. It also lets users provide customers with real-time shipping updates to ensure transparency. 

Drop shippers will also gain access to a learning center called TrueCommerce University. Here, they will learn drop shipping advice and best practices. Students learn through mini-courses, quizzes, and video courses. If this product sounds like a fit, contact TrueCommerce to receive a free demo and pricing information. 

#3 – DiCentral — Best For Financial Solutions

  • Automates accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Connects trading partner data with ERP and WMS
  • Eliminates invoice processing errors
  • Tracks in/out documents
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DiCentral has an EDI solution that connects users to trading partners, outsources ERP to third-party vendors, and improves supply chain efficiency. It does an excellent job of helping finance managers oversee cash flow, and it also helps small businesses, ecommerce businesses, merchandising and procurement professionals, IT experts, and distributors. 

DiCentral’s finance solution helps businesses reduce risk, improve productivity, and control expenses. Users can optimize cash flow by using DiCentral to connect their banks to trading partners. With this software, account receivable and accounts payable processes are automated, and invoice processing errors are eliminated. 

The tool connects ERPs and warehouse management systems (WMSs) with trading partner data so users can see all financial and operational EDI activity. It enhances cash management and cash flow by connecting financial partners, suppliers, and customers onto one platform. It also improves ROI and automates invoices and EDI orders. 

To eliminate rule violations and ensure business regulation compliance, DiCentral provides a cloud-based business rules management solution. It accomplishes this by proactively monitoring EDI accounting document types and trading partner relationships. This helps businesses avoid penalties and reduces costly payment errors. 

The software also helps users identify and access specific information on its platform. Users can track and filter data by specific trading partners and easily track outgoing and incoming documents. Users can filter data based on specific preferences and roles and receive instant notifications to their mobile devices or tablets. 

DiCentral does not include pricing information up front, but you can reach out to their team for more information. 

#4 – SPS Commerce — Best For EDI Beginners

  • Auto-fill saves time on complicated forms
  • Reduces data entry by up to 85%
  • Works with 95,000 trading partners
  • Step-by-step checklists simplify tasks
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SPS Commerce is the best solution for those who need EDI, but who are unfamiliar with how it works. It handles tasks like bulk invoicing and order processing automatically, and users can set it up in less than one week. SPS Commerce has solutions for fulfillment, assortment, analytics, application programming interface (API) development, and EDI certification and testing. 

The software automatically sends email notifications when customers place an order, and its app features a chatbox for one-on-one expert support. It simplifies tasks by creating step-by-step checklists, and its live workflow reveals each retailer’s specific EDI requirements to eliminate chargebacks and errors. 

EDI-related forms like ASNs can be comprehensive and time-consuming to fill out. SPS simplifies this through auto-fill which reduces these down to just two or three fields. The software is clearly labeled, and users are not required to learn advanced 3-digit EDI codes. It also organizes documents like shipping notices, invoices, and orders on one searchable platform. 

The software comes with pre-wired EDI connections that can reduce data entry by up to 85%. Users have transparency on every stage that each order is in, and data is automatically directed to the correct fields. To simplify shipping, users can purchase its Carrier Service add-on. It also has a Rate Shopping feature that lets users find the most cost-effective shipping rates. 

SPS Commerce has 95,000 trading partners in over 60 countries, and it works with any marketplace, distributor, grocer, ecommerce platform, or retailer. For more information on pricing or to request a free demo, simply fill out the contact form on the SPS Commerce website and a representative will reach out. 

#5 – Jitterbit — Best For Expert B2B Support

  • Integrates with Saas applications and SOA platforms
  • Support team averages 20+ years of B2B experience
  • Requires no custom coding
  • Includes 5,000 standard versions and 25,000 transaction sets
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If you place a high priority on top-notch customer service, Jitterbit is the best software for you. Its EDI solution comes with one of the best support teams in the B2B industry. It is made up of EDI and B2B experts averaging over two decades of experience, and it ensures rapid response times and specialized advice. 

Jitterbit’s software is nine times faster than other EDI software. It processes 120 million transactions every day, and it decreases costs by up to 90% by removing manual order processing. The software eliminates data re-entry, improves data quality, and automates transaction management. Jitterbit users can also process electronic business documents and quickly add new partners. 

Jitterbit comes with a library of more than 25,000 transaction sets and more than 5,000 standard versions. The software can flawlessly process, manage, and split EDI files with thousands of separate transactions. Tools like EDI Validator, EDI Splitter, EDI Acknowledgement, EDI Dashboard, and EDI Mapping and Management help users streamline documents. 

The software integrates with third-party applications like, Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum, and AMS Advantage, and it works with platforms like Windows, Cloud, Solaris, and Linux. It also integrates with SaaS applications, enterprise applications, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) platforms. 

In addition to purchase orders and invoices, Jitterbit’s solution can also help with EDI transactions like remittance advance, product catalogs, and advanced shipment notices. It also requires no custom coding. Pricing information is not provided, but users can request a free trial and receive a complimentary integration project assessment. 

#6 – 1 EDI Source — Best For Retail, CPG, and Grocery

  • Offers three educational courses
  • 50,000+ pre-mapped trading partners
  • Flags sales invoice problems before they reach customers
  • Reduces chargebacks, deductions, and ASN issues
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1 EDI Source is an integrated EDI and ERP platform that works well with retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and grocery businesses. The platform has over 50,000 pre-mapped trading partners, and it has helped small businesses and large companies including Adidas. It also has solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, business services, and logistics companies. 

For retail, CPG, and grocery, 1 EDI Source helps streamline supply chain management by improving things like shipping, receiving, customer service, and accounting. Its EDI tool works with companies like Kohl’s, Amazon, Kroger, Lowe’s, and Walmart, and it helps users work with trading partners and ensures full compliance. 

The software helps users decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) by identifying sales invoice problems and alerting users before they reach customers. Transactions between business partners, 3PL warehouses, and customers are processed automatically with this tool. It also ensures new trading partners are onboarded quickly. 

The software comes with an EDI translator to help users identify trading partner needs. The translator also keeps users updated on inventory and reduces canceled orders and stock-outs. 1 EDI Source saves time on deliveries and order processing, and it lets users easily share important B2B documents. The tool also helps reduce deductions, chargebacks, and ASN problems. 

The software comes with 1 EDI University, which includes three separate courses to educate users on EDI. It also provides customer support and consulting services. Potential users can request a demo or talk to a 1 EDI Source expert for pricing details. 

How to Find The Best EDI Software For You

EDI software should free up time, save costs, and make running your business easier and error-free. Look for a simple solution that fits your business type, educates you, gives you a large pool of trading partners to connect with. 

Automated Transactions and Tasks

Although automation features seem obvious, they’re way more important than you may think. EDI software that cuts out manual transactions and data entry saves an enormous amount of time and money. It’s also critical because it slashes human errors on things like invoice processing and payments. Look for software that automates transactions, orders, invoices, notifications, and data entry. 

Trading Partner Connections

EDI software buyers should look for a tool that has a large trading partner network. This is important because it will give you a wider range of trading partner options to connect your business with. Look for software that partners with thousands of trading partners, and it helps to find one that partners with big names like Walmart and Amazon if you want to work with them. Look for software that can also onboard trading partners in a matter of days. 

EDI Education and Simplification

There’s a good chance that many people reading this aren’t too familiar with how EDI software works. Therefore, look for a simple solution that helps educate you as well. Software with no coding required and that includes checklists is a good sign. Also, look for software that comes with good customer service and an EDI educational learning platform. If you’re experienced with EDI, this criterion is less important. 

Industry Specialty

EDI software can specialize in serving specific business sizes or industries including retail, manufacturing, distribution, ecommerce, drop shipping, finance, or grocery. Make sure you do a little research on which companies each software helps before choosing one. Fortunately, most EDI software covers more than one industry, giving you a few different options to choose from for your business type. 

Speed of Implementation

You should be able to set up EDI software in less than one week. The process should be quick, simple, and include onboarding support. If the software takes weeks or even months to set up and fails to provide onboarding help, this is a red flag. You want this process to be as seamless and easy as possible, and this criterion is important for all potential EDI software buyers. 


If you’re in need of EDI software, make sure to choose one that automates things like transactions, invoices, and orders. You want a tool that has served your type of business in the past, and one that educates and supports its users. You should also choose one that lets you onboard quickly and allows you to connect with a large pool of trading partners. 

If you’re in the business of logistics, distribution, or manufacturing, go with Cleo’s EDI solution. TrueCommerce is the best tool for drop shippers, and 1 EDI Source is the best for retail, CPG, and grocery businesses. For the best financial solution, consider DiCentral, and Jitterbit has expert B2B customer support. If you’re new to EDI, consider a simple solution like SPS Commerce.

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