BONUS: How to Focus on Just One Thing at a Time (Special Episode)

I have a special announcement to make! I know a lot of you have not yet heard AskPat 2.0, so today I’m giving you SPI subscribers a little bonus: A sample call from the new show. Enjoy!

Ask Pat (1.0) was a show I started back in 2014 in which I answered short questions from audience members. I answered 999 of those questions, but I started to realize that a lot of the questions were similar. I also wanted to have one-on-one conversations to help people even further. So that’s exactly what I decided to do for AskPat 2.0!

Starting with Episode 1001, I’ve been publishing a weekly coaching call (usually around thirty minutes long) to help callers through any number of issues. Today I’m sharing a sample call from Episode 1003, where I coach Jackie on what I call “squirrel syndrome.” Most entrepreneurs struggle with this—having too much on your plate and getting nothing done as a result. (I included the show notes for the episode below.)

If you’d like to possibly get coached on AskPat 2.0, all you have to do is apply at Don’t forget to subscribe to the show and leave a review on iTunes!

About This Episode

Today’s call is with Jackie Bolen, who needs help deciding what part of her business to focus on. I coach her through the different aspects of her online business (websites, ebooks, etc) to help her choose an area of focus. We also discuss the possibility of Jackie hiring a VA or content writer and what steps she might take to sell some of her websites, and Jackie realizes what she wants to focus on in the future.

What You’ll Learn: How to define what areas of your business to focus on and how to think about those decisions in terms of the future.

For the Transcript: The transcript link below will take you to the original show notes page. The transcript is available just below the show notes.


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