Build Your Own Brand 5-Day Challenge Begins Today!

Today, I’m excited to announce that my new online course, Build Your Own Brand (BYOB), is now permanently open for enrollment. I created the course to help people who have no online branding develop a website and online brand that they can be proud of—all within five days.

And the best part: it’s 100 percent free to join!

Click here now to begin the 5-Day BYOB Challenge!

I’ve been helping people make their mark online since 2009 when I started teaching this stuff, primarily through blog posts and a popular YouTube video about starting a blog. That information was helpful, but it wasn’t the best and most convenient experience to learn by, not to mention it was nearly impossible to keep things all in one place and up-to-date.

That’s why I created BYOB, to give you the easiest way to get the information you need to build a website all in one place, which also makes it easy for me personally to keep things up-to-date for you.

This course is for you if you’re just starting out, you have no website at all, and you’re not quite sure what you’re doing. You know you need to launch a website, you want to make sure it’s done right, and you also want someone to hold your hand step-by-step along the way.

This course is also unique because it’s built as a five-day challenge.

You’ll see five modules (one for each day), and every day you’ll go through the lessons and follow the instructions. Each day will build on the next, and after the five days are over, if you stick with the plan, you’ll have a great looking website you can be proud of, and a solid understanding of your brand and purpose, which are the foundational pieces you need to have in order to build your audience, earn trust, and potentially launch your online business.

Why Is There a Challenge Component?

Two reasons:

  1. Motivation
  2. Planning

Structuring content within a challenge motivates people to take massive action. I’ve run several challenges in the past (like my 72-hour 100 email challenge), and it’s incredible how framing content in a specific way and with an end goal in mind can drive people to finally get off their butts and take action.

Additionally, knowing how many days this is going to take gives you an understanding of just how much time you’ll be spending on this. Build a website—yes that’s a concrete goal, but when is it going to happen? How long will it take?

Framed within a challenge like this, I can tell you what those answers are:

You’re going to start as soon as you choose to begin, and after five days you will have this thing you’ve been aiming to accomplish for a very long time.

Why is This a Free Course?

I’ve actually been building an email list of thousands of people who have told me they’ve been looking forward to an upcoming paid course on building a blog and getting their website up and running.

Earlier in the year, I launched a premium course about business idea validation (Smart From Scratch), and another paid course teaching people to how launch and market their podcast (Power-Up Podcasting). Both have performed very well.

I thought it was the right time, and the right topic, to offer something of massive value for free. For those of you who have participated in one of my existing paid courses, this is the perfect next step.

If you have already validated your business idea, the next obvious step is to create a website to house your new business and begin to collect interest in the product or service you will offer.

If you have created a podcast, but have yet to build your own website, you should. And now you have a free resource to help you!

But even if you haven’t taken my existing courses, but just want to do something to get started and have no idea how, I’ve solved a problem for you too. It’s all here, it’s easy to follow, and it works! I wanted to make the course free in order to remove any financial hurdles that may prevent you from getting started. You will need to invest a little bit of money upfront anyway (for a domain name and hosting plan), so I don’t want to add any other expenses that may trip you up.

I earn an affiliate commission from some of the products I recommend (at no extra cost to you). But my main goal for this course is to show you how to do this right, allow you to experience small wins up front, and hopefully encourage you to learn more about how to scale and grow your brand afterward—whether that’s through all of the free and existing (and upcoming) content on SPI, or in a premium course that might make sense for you later.

More Free Stuff to Celebrate Build Your Own Brand

For this next week and the next week only (through Monday, October 23, 2017 ending at midnight Pacific time), if you sign up to take the BYOB challenge, a couple of things will happen:

You’ll get access to a free LIVE Website Launch Strategy Training that will take place on Wednesday, November 1 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. For an hour and a half, I’m going to give you my best strategies for launching a new website, so after you get the website up and running, you’ll have an understanding of how to make sure it gets in front of as many people as possible.

You will be automatically enrolled in that webinar, and a replay will be sent to you after, whether you can make the live call or not.

If you have been waiting to get your website up—if that’s been the one thing holding you back—don’t let that hold you back any longer. You’re seeing this challenge now for a reason, and I look forward to seeing you progress through it! Just click the link below to get started now:

Click this link to start the BYOB course and challenge!

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