Best Data Loss Prevention Software

Businesses implement security measures for many reasons. The most obvious are securing the physical premises and protecting expensive equipment. But there’s another very valuable business asset that needs the same protection–your electronic data. The best way to protect business data is with data loss prevention software. There are countless options on the market today, andContinue reading

Best Access Control Systems

Protecting sensitive data and staff on-site is crucial. But companies with multiple offices struggle to do this, especially when staff members hold different access levels and travel among many locations. As businesses grow, this can become a serious problem. But there’s a solution. Access control systems help protect companies by allowing them to decide whoContinue reading

Best Endpoint Security Software

Businesses across all industries are susceptible to hackers. This holds true for startups, Fortune 500s, and small businesses alike. That’s why endpoint security software is so important to have. Endpoint security software is a combination of cybersecurity and custom privacy controls for business computers, all managed from a single dashboard. Endpoint security encompasses features likeContinue reading

Best Network Monitoring Software and Tools

As the name implies, network monitoring tools oversee network components like servers, routers, firewalls, switches, and more. Network monitoring software helps organizations track performance like uptime and downtime while alerting administrators if there’s a problem. Even with so many businesses taking advantage of cloud services, your local area network (LAN) is still critical for cloudContinue reading