Best Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Personnel safety should be every organization’s number one priority. People and buildings need protection from hazards like fire, carbon monoxide, external threats, and more. Commercial fire alarm systems solve this problem by quickly detecting danger and notifying everyone that’s potentially involved. To help you find a fire alarm system that’s quick, reliable, and that canContinue reading

Best Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems help protect personnel and assets by providing you with advanced notices of breaches in security. You can install video surveillance systems in most facilities, including the interior and exterior of your household, for additional protection.  Video surveillance systems make it easy to protect your personal belongings with immediate alerts, HD video resolution,Continue reading

Best EDR Security Systems

It usually takes a business 280 days to identify and contain a data breach. That’s nearly ten months of stolen data that can cost a company thousands of dollars in data recovery and potential legal fees.  Luckily, businesses can use endpoint detection and response (EDR) software to identify breaches faster, allowing them to contain andContinue reading

Best Access Control Systems

Protecting sensitive data and staff on-site is crucial. But companies with multiple offices struggle to do this, especially when staff members hold different access levels and travel among many locations. Access control systems help protect companies by deciding who can access their facilities and how. By leveraging the power of technology, businesses can solve theContinue reading

Best Endpoint Security Software

Businesses across all industries are susceptible to hackers. This holds true for startups, Fortune 500s, and small businesses alike. That’s why endpoint security software is so important to have. Endpoint security software is a combination of cybersecurity and custom privacy controls for business computers, all managed from a single dashboard. Endpoint security encompasses features likeContinue reading

Compare The Best Network Monitoring Software and Tools

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best network monitoring software and tool for most people is Auvik or PRTG Network Monitor. Network monitoring is one of the most important components of a robust IT infrastructure. As the name implies, network monitoring tools oversee network components like servers, routers, firewalls, switches, and more. TheyContinue reading