1. Hi Toni,

    This is a really good article for people that are looking to earn a passive income strictly through Google AdSense ads.

    They’re are many people out there that make a healthy living by creating small websites such as the ones you talk about in this post.

    However, one of the draw backs from using AdSense on a website that is designed to sell affiliate products is that AdSense places ads on your site that are relative to the content.

    This can actually end up working against you by driving your hard earned traffic away from your website to one of the AdSense ads website.

    This is not always the case, but anyone considering placing AdSence ads on their website needs to have a well thought out plan.

    You don’t want to have an AdSense ad sitting right next to an affiliate offer you have for the same exact thing.

    • Hi Wayne,
      Well, there is debate on that issue for sure, and there are valid points on both sides. On one hand, yes, Google can show ads with competing products, but with that stated, there are a few things the blogger can do and/or consider: 1) The blogger can actually “blacklist” specific ads through Google AdSense, or 2) consider and accept that there is really nothing stopping a visitor from leaving your site anyway – why not make some change on their exit?

      When researching sites and reviewing the stated income or financial reports that some do share, I have seen some healthy totals coming in from Google AdSense, and there are actually some sites that make all their money off of ads – so they have zero affiliate links! As mentioned, there are pros and cons. So, while yes your point is valid, there is a way to address that issue, and still have ads showing!

      Thanks for your visit and your input! It is appreciated!

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