SPI 280: Noah Kagan on Personal Challenges, Business Validation, and the Mindset of Starting from Scratch

Noah Kagan has returned to the Smart Passive Income Podcast! In today’s conversation, we cover it all: rebounding from rejection, asking for what you want, plotting your next move, and so much more.

Noah’s learned a thing or two about validating and scaling new business ideas from his experiences building Sumo.com, AppSumo, and Sumo Jerky, just to name a few of his many projects. He’s a master at figuring out what folks are dying to pay for, and he’s developed a one-of-a-kind approach to turning his business ideas into reality. Today, Noah breaks down that approach with me, and even advises me on one of my own new business ideas along the way.

In this episode, Noah and I trade our personal experiences with taking business risks, serving our audiences, growing beyond the “bootstrap” mindset, managing self-confidence, and tons of other mindset challenges all entrepreneurs face. You’ll also receive a brand-new challenge from Noah (remember the Coffee Challenge from Episode 071?) that I know you’re going to love.

My conversations with Noah always spark the most exciting conversations within the SPI community, and this sit-down is no different. Listen and enjoy!

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Special thanks to Noah for joining me this week. Until next time!

You'll Learn

  • The latest on Noah's new and developing businesses (and business ideas).
  • What famous comedians are teaching Noah about business success.
  • A shockingly simple strategy for validating new business ideas.
  • Advice for growing beyond the "bootstrap" mindset as your business grows.
  • Strategies for transforming rejections into new opportunities.
  • Balancing confidence and self-doubt as an entrepreneur.
  • An awesome challenge for entrepreneurs in search of a new business idea.
  • Noah's candid response to a new business idea of my own, and more!


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