SPI 311: How to Build an Audience with Your Hobby

Have you ever considered starting a podcast? Do you wonder what it’s like to get going? Are you thinking of trying to build an audience out of your hobby? Today’s guest—Phil Lichtenberger of Scanner School—can give you some insight into that experience.

You might also be scratching your heads as to what the scanner radio hobby is, and Phil will explain all of that in today’s episode. He’s just started building his business, and while it’s not super-successful yet, he’s well on his way. Scanner radio is certainly a niche hobby, but Phil’s managing to build a growing audience out of it. He’s been consistent every week with his podcast, and he’s up to Episode 10 already (at the time of this recording). He’s having a lot of fun, but he has a lot of questions to ask too.

To put it bluntly: Phil’s in the thick of it. I know a lot of you listening are too, and I think this episode will give you some ideas, strategies, and motivation for moving forward. Whatever you’re trying to build right now—a blog, a podcast, a business—it’s tough. Building anything is difficult. But we’re going to get through it together. Here we go!

Every time I have a student on the show, naturally I get a lot of questions about how to get involved in my programs. Well, if you want to learn how to setup a podcast in three days, check out HowtoStartaPodcast.com—it’s completely free. Check it out!

Phil is giving away some free information on buying your first (or next) scanner radio. If you’re at all interested in the scanner radio hobby, this is the place to go. You can check that out at ScannerSchool.com/spi.

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Special thanks to Phil Lichtenberger for joining me this week. Until next time!

You'll Learn

  • What a scanner radio is and how Phil got into the hobby.
  • Why Phil decided to launch an online business focusing on scanner radios.
  • How Phil is increasing exposure and traffic for his business.
  • How Phil used my course Power-Up Podcasting to launch his podcast.
  • Why podcasting is such a powerful, unique tool for online business.
  • What fears Phil has about the future of his podcast, and how he moves past the nerves.
  • What plans Phil has for the future of his business and what strategies he's using.
  • Tips and strategies for taking your podcast and online business to the next level, and more!


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