5 Ways to Amplify the Reach of Your Content Without Spending a Dime

Content marketing can be a soul-crushing endeavor. It’s like this. You spend several hours or maybe even days meticulously putting together what seems like a brilliant blog post, slideshow, infographic, etc. But even with all your hard work and dedication, your content falls on deaf ears. You post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any  [click to continue…]

Be a Better Teacher and Writer: 6 Teaching Techniques You Should Know

Marketing is a chance for education. Sometimes, marketing takes the form of entertainment, but often, you get to assume the role of a teacher. This is really powerful. You can become one of the few educational influences in most people’s lives after they leave school. Beyond helping your business grow, inbound marketing allows you to  [click to continue…]

Which Content Marketing Strategies Have the Biggest Impact on Keyword Rankings?

The term “content marketing” is a wide umbrella. It encompasses a plethora of different strategies and techniques. But at the end of the day, one of your primary goals is to create content that ranks as highly as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs). This is important because organic traffic is the number one  [click to continue…]

How to Get Your Boss to Invest More Money in Content Marketing This Year

How to Get Your Boss to Invest More Money in Content Marketing This YearContent marketing has come a long way over the last 10 years. More and more companies have come to realize the tremendous return and savings from investing in inbound marketing like blogs, white papers, and video. Still, there’s a surprising number of  [click to continue…]

Produce Great Content, Every Time: A Useful 11-Point Framework

How many articles have you read about creating great content? Quite a few, hopefully… Creating valuable to your readers content is one of the key components of effective content marketing. But here’s the problem: How do you combine the lessons from all those articles? They all teach you something valuable, but consolidating all those useful techniques  [click to continue…]