1. Hi there! I have not been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for very long, but already feel at home there and have had LOADS of good advice. Such a helpful community and I am making real progress. I haven’t had any experience with Squidoo but feel for you losing all your content. Hope WA continues for many, many years to come. All the best.

    • Thank you Annie, yes, both my mom and I lost content. A lot of content. But now that I’m here at WA, I feel much better. My mom waited a little bit, but now I have her site up as well, and she’s happily typint away once again. I have a lot of work to do on her site, but that is SeniorsCenterNews.com. We are hopeful that WA continues to appreciate its customer base and won’t do anything to harm its relationship with the rich community it has built. I wish you lots and lots of abundant success! And, I know that if you pursue the training with WA, you will not be disappointed. It’s Great, and I look forward to helping you and others if and when I can!
      Thank you for your visit and your input! They are appreciated!

  2. Wow, I don’t know what else to say. LOL. Wealthy Affiliate is the only online program I have ever joined. I have been very fortunate in not being scammed or screwed by other offers. I have to say, I have put my trust in this company and it’s owners and have truly felt from the very beginning that they have a genuine care with their thousands of members and their product.

    • Hello Suzette,
      Thank you for your input. I’m happy to know that you weren’t caught up in the Squidoo fiasco. And, as mentioned on another comment, now that my mom and I are somewhat comfortable with WA, we will begin to spend lots of time writing once again. …Thank you for your visit!

  3. Very interesting update! Thanks for the info. Wishing you every success at WA. They have been around a long time and don’t seem to be thinking to leave. I am a member there and feel like I am part of the most helpful community ever.

    • Thank you Daisy! And, yes, I know you from Wealthy Affiliate as well. From all my time spent with WA, I have not read anything negative about WA or Kyle and Carson. I know the members are all satisfied with the membership, and I’m sorry I didn’t trip over them sooner. But, the Squidoo fiasco is still pretty fresh, for us (my mom and me). We just don’t want to spend hours of time on a membership forum where the owners are going to sell out and leave its membership hanging. But, then, I do know that we control our own domains – so there is a BIG difference between WA and Squidoo. So, seeing that there is this huge difference, and I can control the domain and snag content, my mom wants to go ahead with her writing – once again. I will be making the announcement on WA soon! Look for Just A Senior And Her Blog!
      Thank you for your visit and your input – they are appreciated!

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